Accidents: March 2022

01-Mar-22 N786SH Robinson R22 Fallston, US-Maryland


Hover taxiing, caught a skid and fell onto its side... Read more

01-Mar-22 N2191 Bell 407 Fort Worth, US-Texas


Autorotations to a taxiway, and damaged a taxiway light... Read more

03-Mar-22 N183PS Robinson R44 Titusville, US-Florida


Shortly after take-off from Space Coast Regional Airport in Titusville, an emergency landing was made in a parking lot of a self-storage business following loss of engine power. Helicopter was heading to Northeast Florida Regional Airport in St. Augustine No damage is evident from the poor press image Helicopter makes emergency landing in Titusville parking... Read more

04-Mar-22 G-MCGY Sikorsky S92 Plymouth, UK (1F)


Police statement – Two members of the public were injured as a HM Coastguard helicopter was landing at the helipad at Derriford. One person is being treated for their injuries and remains in hospital. The second injured person, a local woman in her 80’s, (named here as Jean Langan, 87) has since died; their next of kin... Read more

07-Mar-22 N29VA Airbus EC145 Abingdon, US-Virginia


Engine issues while landing on a trolley at night, pilot lost control and impacted the ground... Read more

09-Mar-22 N162MW Airbus EC135P1 Lincoln, US-Nebraska


Bird strike.  2 POB, neither injured... Read more

10-Mar-22 N456PA Guimbal G2 Waterloo, US-Iowa


Emergency landing in field. No damage reported... Read more

12-Mar-22 N761AF Sikorsky S76D Texarkana, US-Texas


Tail strike on landing at hospital helipad... Read more

12-Mar-22 N270HA Enstrom F280FX Okeechobee, US-Florida


Struck powerlines during take-off... Read more

15-Mar-22 N99676 Airbus AS350B Valdez, US-Alaska


Heli skiiing operation.  On final approach to pick up some skiiers, the helicopter impacted the snow and rolled over... Read more

17-Mar-22 N500MZ Hughes 500D Adair, US-Iowa


Experienced engine problems during low level powerline operations.  Landed hard, starboard skid collapsed and helicopter rolled onto its starboard side... Read more

22-Mar-22 N44DQ Robinson R44 Howe, US-Idaho


FAA – Minor damage under unknown circumstances... Read more

25-Mar-22 N514CD Robinson R44 Rowlett, US-Texas (2F)


Helicopter descended from the sky in multiple pieces – tail rotor gearbox area separated from the boom, and then the boom separated from the cabin area – see video 2 POB received fatal injuries.  Student pilot was named here as Ty Wallis, while the instructor was named here as Lora Trout... Read more

26-Mar-22 N288L Robinson R44 Myrtle Beach, US-South Carolina


Attempting to land at helipad, but ended up landing in car park and rolled over into bushes... Read more

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