ADAC Accidents

13-Feb-19 D-HJMD Airbus EC135P2 Neustadt an der Orla, Germany

EMS helicopter landed in a skate park and became entangled with a skateboarding “grind pole”. Helicopter slightly damaged, but roaded out for inspection before flying again.... Read more

16-May-13 D-HLDM Eurocopter EC135P2 Ochsenfurt, Germany

EMS helicopter landed on scene and stabiliser end-plate pierced car windscreen... Read more

05-Apr-12 Eurocopter BK117 Parsdorf, Germany

“Christoph 1” helicopter cut telephone line on approach to site landing to pick up patient injured in equine accident... Read more

27-Jul-12 D-HUTH Eurocopter EC135 Treis-Karden, Germany

Helicopter contacted and broke powerlines on EMS flight as “Christoph 10”.  Note – Registration is NOT confirmed, but is a recently ex-factory new delivery which was assigned to the “Christoph 10” base, and photos here show D-HUTH... Read more

03-Jan-11 D-HDEC Eurocopter EC135P2 Berlin, Germany

Air Ambulance role, landed in city centre to pick up construction worker patient.  Landed too close to a car park barrier, and downwash caused barrier to rise up into rotor disc.... Read more

26-Dec-09 D-HHTS Eurocopter EC135P2 Münster, Germany

Sudden loss of engine power on final approach, heavy landing with some damage... Read more

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