Alpine-Helicopters Accidents

31-Jan-16 N215KA Bell 212 Nakusp, Canada

The pilot was attempting to land on a marked heliski landing site on a ski run called “Nicole”. This was the second landing of the day at this location; the helicopter was carrying 10 guests, 2 guides and the pilot. The first approach was abandoned due to skiers from a previous group waiting on the... Read more

24-Jul-15 C-FNOB Bell 407 Bugaboo Provincial Park, Canada

Transporting 6 workers from the Bobbie Burns lodge when the engine lost power. The pilot carried out an emergency landing to an area of new growth trees. The landing with low rotor rpm was hard, but the helicopter stayed upright. The tail section of the helicopter was struck by a main rotor blade and severed.... Read more

05-Feb-15 C-FAHI Bell 407 Revelstoke, Canada

conducting heliski operations with one pilot and five passengers aboard. During a run-on downwind landing, the main rotor contacted the helicopters tail boom. The tail rotor driveshaft cover was damaged and the tail rotor driveshaft was creased. The aircraft’s vertical winglets were also struck by the main rotor blades. The helicopter’s occupants were not injured.... Read more

12-Mar-14 C-GALR Bell 206B Mount Chapman, Canada

The helicopter set down right side low on the chosen sloping landing site and remained partially supported by the rotor. The pilot attempted to move to a different site nearby, but a skid dug into the snow and the helicopter entered a dynamic rollover condition and fell to the ground on its right-hand side. There... Read more

09-Aug-12 Eurocopter AS350 Minnaret Peaks, New Zealand

Pilot had left the rotors to run down and departed the helicopter.  “Blades seen to begin oscillating, striking the tail boom and the ground beside the helicopter”... Read more

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