Enstrom Accidents

07-Jun-22 N600TA Enstrom F28F Greenville, US-Ohio (2F)

Helicopter remained upright in heavy landing.  Fire reported.  One report states “Charles Zimmer, 34, the registered owner of the aircraft, was pulled to safety and treated at the scene before he was flown to Miami Valley Hospital with life-threatening injuries. His wife, Krista Zimmer, 35, was pronounced dead at the scene, he said.” Another report... Read more

14-Dec-21 5146 Enstrom 480B Jiraprawat, Thailand (2F)

Crashed and burned out, with instructor and student receiving fatal injuries.  News reel shows one helicopter suddenly losing altitude in a long parade of 9+ helicopters.  One report indicates there was smoke was emanating from the helicopter while it was in flight. The fatalities were later named as Lt. Col. Panthong Banchongplaen, flight instructor and... Read more

08-Sep-21 N51789 Enstrom 28C Toughkenamon, US-Pennsylvania

Landed hard, skid broke, helicopter rolled over... Read more

30-Jun-21 N1225D Enstrom 280FX Sherman, US-Texas

FAA report “forced landing in a field”... Read more

09-May-21 N8627J Enstrom F28F Palmer, US-Alaska

Autorotation landing.  Skid stuck in ground during run-on landing, causing helicopter nose to hit ground and main blades to slice tail boom... Read more

08-Apr-21 N9274 Enstrom 28A Springdale, US-Arkansas

FAA – Skid stuck in mud while hover training, bending the skid... Read more

10-Oct-20 N899RT Enstrom 480B Putnam, US-Connecticut

Helicopter was attempting to land on a trailer/dolly.  One skid got caught, causing helicopter to come to rest on its side.  The two passengers got out OK.  Fire Brigade said it took crews about 50 minutes to extricate the pilot... Read more

24-Aug-20 N280SG Enstrom 280FX Longmont, US-Colorado

FAA report unexplained field landing... Read more

11-Dec-19 N65RS Enstrom F28 Bluffdale, US-Utah

Aircraft crashed under into a field near Redwood road, after the pilot lost the tail rotor and started spinning.... Read more

26-Oct-19 N280F Enstrom 280F Jordan Valley, US-Oregon (1F)

Details not yet known.  Pilot suffered fatal injuries and passenger (pilot’s daughter) received injuries which are reportedly not life threatening... Read more

22-Mar-19 OK-CLV Enstrom 480 Slavoňov, Czech Republic (2F)

Training flight leading to fatal injuries of both the student and the instructor, named here as Michal Beneš... Read more

10-May-17 N480W Enstrom 480 Pfunders, Italy (1F)

Helicopter had started the day in Pisa, flying north and refuelling at Bolzano.  On next leg to Salzburg it encountered some difficulties and one report suggests it was on fire before reaching the ground and burning out in a ravine.  Sole occupant pilot fatally injured – reported as a 75 year old Austrian national... Read more

12-Feb-16 N180TH Enstrom TH-180 Menominee, US-Michigan

Test flight accident, coming down in residential area 600m short of runway 32 at Marinette Twin County Airport... Read more

09-Sep-15 G-IGHH Enstrom 280 Aldbury, UK

Helicopter struck and cut powercables on take-off, crashing in the field below shortly after, minor injuries to the pilot.  Helicopter rolled over and ended up on its rotorhead... Read more

22-Jul-15 G-BYKF Enstrom 28F Dunkeswell, UK

Details to be confirmed, but reported “in a nose down attitude in the business park”... Read more

19-Jul-15 N280CH Enstrom 280FX Carlingford, Ireland

Heavy landing, and likely “unscheduled”.  Main blades damaged and available photo shows some damage on starboard side.  Skids not visible in long grass and nose of helicopter almost hit dry stone wall.... Read more

21-Jun-15 C-FQGY Enstrom 280C Sidney, Canada

The helicopter was landing on an unprepared, deeply cultivated field. During the vertical landing, the left skid settled into the soft ground and the helicopter entered into a dynamic rollover. There was substantial damage to the helicopter. There were no injuries to the pilot or passenger. CADORS 2015C2439... Read more

05-Jun-15 Enstrom F280FX Harrison River, Canada

The privately owned Enstrom 280FX helicopter, was being flown from Bralorne to Langley. The pilot/owner ditched the aircraft in the Harrison River. The pilot was not injured but the aircraft was significantly damaged. CADORS 2015P0926... Read more

13-Mar-15 N5688N Enstrom F28C-2 Shelby, US-Montana

Minor damage after skid touched ground while hovering... Read more

28-Feb-15 VH-YHD Enstrom 280C Deception Bay, Australia

Crashed into mudflats.  Pilot out and OK.... Read more

26-Jan-15 N86235 Enstrom F280FX Erie, US-Colorado (2F)

Crashed adjacent to the threshold of runway 15 and burnt out.  Mountain View Fire & Rescue issued a statement saying there were two fatalities.  This short video interview suggests that part of the helicopter separated in mid air.  Operator Mountain One Helicopters announced on their Facebook page that the victims were instructor Alex Viola and... Read more

08-Dec-14 N509LH Enstrom 280FX Fort Lupton, US-Colorado

Lost power in cruise at 600ft and force landed in field just NE of Platte Valley Airpark,  causing minor injuries to 25-year old female pilot, who was not named in press reports.  Photo... Read more

07-Aug-14 N213BL Enstrom F28F Tunnel City, US-Wisconsin

Crashed into cornfield while spraying.... Read more

03-Jun-14 G-IDUP Enstrom F280C Sywell, UK

Main blades hit hangar while manoevering close to the fuel pumps... Read more

05-Apr-14 G-OJMF Enstrom 280FX Kirchham, Austria (1F)

Crashed into a heavily forested area on a night flight.  Pilot killed, and the two other occupants seriously injured... Read more

21-Jan-14 N51683 Enstrom 280C Showlow, US-Arizona

Substantially damaged in landing accident... Read more

10-Jan-14 F-GIZR Enstrom F28A Saint-Amans-des-Cots, France

Pilot observed a significant reduction in engine noise and a different regime. The helicopter slowly loses the height. The pilot decided to land in the countryside. A 2 meters on the ground, the device drops abruptly. One of the main rotor blades struck the ground in front of the camera then severed the tail boom.... Read more

12-Oct-13 SP-GMB Enstrom F280FX Wolicy Koziej, Poland (2F)

Crashed and burned out approx one mile from take-off point in a wooded area, killing 66-year-old pilot from Miedzychód and 64-year-old passenger from Gorzow Wielkopolski... Read more

11-Oct-13 N620TA Enstrom F28F Jordan Valley, US-Oregon

Pilot/owner Caroll Palmer and his son Benjamin Palmer were on board when the helicopter went down shortly after take off... Read more

27-Sep-13 N631DP Enstrom F28C Bloomsburg, US-Pennsylvania (1F)

69-year old pilot Carl Enlow had stopped flying tours at a fair for a refuel and to allow a relief pilot to take over.  Enlow went back to speak to the pilot who relieved him when his hat blew off his head and he was struck by the rotor when he reached for it.... Read more

02-Aug-13 N24RB Enstrom 28A Memphis, US-Tennessee

Windshield broke.  Emergency landing close to threshold of main runway at Memphis Airport... Read more

26-Jul-13 N287Q Enstrom F28A Danbury, US-Texas

Crashed and burnt out.  2 Medevac’d to hospital... Read more

23-Apr-13 N51767 Enstrom F28C Glidden, US-Iowa

Crashed in open field with boom separated from cabin/engine area.  Helicopter had been hired by Iowa Department of Natural Resources for a geese count... Read more

27-Mar-13 N918DK Enstrom F28F Twin Falls, US-Idaho

Lost power on climb out, landed heavily and fall onto port side.  Owner/pilot Steven Wybenga, age 51, suffered slight injuries... Read more

07-Dec-12 N574H Enstrom F28C Abilene, US-Texas

Engine failure on training flight.  Emergency landing made with some damage to tail rotor.  Pilot was instructor Robert Welch, 50 and student was aircraft owner Neil Overton, 41... Read more

30-Nov-12 Enstrom 480B Pondok Cabe, Indonesia

Crashed on a training flight at Pondok Cabe airfield, injuring both occupants.  “Pamulang police chief Comr. Nasir said that pilot Insp. M Ibnu and copilot First Brig. Togu were about three meters off the ground and about to land when the helicopter suddenly fell into a nosedive.”... Read more

20-Jul-12 F-GIZR Enstrom F28A St Croix Vallee, France

Tail rotor struck ground taking off from sloping ground... Read more

20-May-12 N63VP Enstrom F28F Twin Falls, US-Idaho

Pilot had informed ATC of mechanical concerns but did not quite reach the airport, the helicopter being severely damaged when landing half a mile stort of Magic Valley Regional Airport (Joslin Field).  Photos show the cabin completely separated from the tail boom.... Read more

17-Apr-12 N171HH Enstrom F28F Pendleton, US-Oregon

Minor unspecified damage on landing... Read more

03-Apr-12 N3042D Enstrom F280FX Corpus Christi, US-Texas

Heavy landing on final approach, causing skids to flatten and some rotor blade damage.  Minor injury to pilot, passenger refused medical help.  Aircraft was returning to base after transmission line survey for American Electric Power.... Read more

08-Feb-12 G-OJMF Enstrom 280FX Barton, UK

In a run-on landing , the helicopter veered after landing and the tail rotor struck the ground.... Read more

03-Sep-11 N280AD Enstrom F280FX Heber City, US-Utah

Three injured – pilot reported entered autorotation after engine failure.  Pilot named as Ken Heidorn and passengers were Suzanne Tanner and her 15-year-old son... Read more

29-Aug-11 N228F Enstrom F28F Menominee, US-Michigan

Landed hard and tail blades struck the ground... Read more

26-Aug-11 D-HEVA Enstrom F28F Mülheim an der Mosel, Germany

Extensively damaged by severe hailstorm when parked at a hotel.  Hail stones the size of tennis balls!... Read more

26-Aug-11 D-HHSB Enstrom F28C Mülheim an der Mosel, Germany

Extensively damaged by severe hailstorm when parked at a hotel.  Hail stones the size of tennis balls!... Read more

26-Aug-11 D-HFIN Enstrom F28A Mülheim an der Mosel, Germany

Extensively damaged by severe hailstorm when parked at a hotel.  Hail stones the size of tennis balls!... Read more

26-Aug-11 D-HAEW Enstrom F28A Mülheim an der Mosel, Germany

Extensively damaged by severe hailstorm when parked at a hotel.  Hail stones the size of tennis balls!... Read more

23-Jun-11 N5694A Enstrom F28C DeSoto, US-Nebraska

Helicopter was surveying power lines but was forced to make an emergency landing after reporting mechanical problems.  F28 ended up on its side... Read more

27-Mar-11 N8631P Enstrom F280FX 20M east of Miami, US-Florida

Pilot was flying alone from South Florida to Nassau, Bahamas – the shortest distance for that route being 50 miles. Some 20 miles out over the sea, the aircraft experienced engine problems and put down safely in the water.  The Enstrom was fitted with fixed floats... Read more

26-Feb-11 N5689B Enstrom F28C-2 St Lucie, US-Florida

low fuel pressure warning light came on during climbout at 200′. Engine sputtered and the ensuing landing was heavy, with the tail boom separating from the cabin and the base of the cabin touching the ground.... Read more

05-Aug-09 C-GVQQ Enstrom F28C Mont-Laurier, Quebec, Canada (2F)

5-Aug-09 C-GVQQ Enstrom F28C Mont-Laurier, Quebec, Canada... Read more

18-Jul-09 HI-421 Enstrom F28F 6.5 miles north of Pisco Airport, Peru

18-Jul-09 HI-421 Enstrom F28F 6.5 miles north of Pisco Airport, Peru... Read more

28-May-09 N878EE Enstrom F480 near Guaymate, La Romana province, Dominican Republic (2F)

28-May-09 N878EE Enstrom F480 near Guaymate, La Romana province, Dominican Republic... Read more

25-May-09 N5699N Enstrom F280C Ogden, US-Utah

25-May-09 N5699N Enstrom F280C Ogden, US-Utah... Read more

24-Apr-09 Enstrom F28 Chemainus, Canada

24-Apr-09 Enstrom F28 Chemainus, Canada... Read more

20-Apr-09 N409LH Enstrom F280FX Erie, US-Colorado

20-Apr-09 N409LH Enstrom F280FX Erie, US-Colorado... Read more

19-Mar-09 N280AD Enstrom F280FX Wendover, US-Utah

19-Mar-09 N280AD Enstrom F280FX Wendover, US-Utah... Read more

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