Guimbal Accidents

20-Jun-22 G-CJEK Guimbal G2 Burton in Lonsdale, UK (2F)

Helicopter accident near Burton in Lonsdale, details TBC.  North Yorkshire Police confirmed two fatalities.  Another report suggests accident occurred during approach/landing, and the presence of a scorched tree in this report indicates a fire occurred, but not whether it was cause or effect. Pilot/owner (named here as Ian Macdonald) had owned the helicopter from new... Read more

10-Mar-22 N456PA Guimbal G2 Waterloo, US-Iowa

Emergency landing in field. No damage reported... Read more

08-Oct-21 C-GSYN Guimbal G2 Chibougamau, Canada

A Synergy Aviation Guimbal Cabri G2 (C-GSYN) crashed in a lake near Chibougamau/Chapais, QC (CYMT). The extent of the damage is unknown. The sole person on board was injured. The National Operations Centre (NOC), the Aviation Operations Centre (AOC), the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) Trenton and the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) were... Read more

03-Apr-21 F-HPTI Guimbal G2 St-Georges-de-Reneins, France

Training flight – sloping ground –  student hovers and places the helicopter facing the wind. At fifteen meters above the ground, a clicking sound is heard by the crew and the instructor takes over. He made a U-turn to land where he had just taken off. During landing, landing slid downwind, the helicopter bounces then... Read more

25-Mar-21 OK-GUI Guimbal G2 Kladno, Czech Republic

Helicopter crashed from 10-15m to the ground suddenly during a dual training flight.  Both POB airlifted to hospital with injuries image- Read more

08-Dec-20 D-HTAT Guimbal G2 Speyer, Germany

Student solo (aged 63) – at a height of 50-100 meters, there was a loss of engine power. The helicopter touched down hard and rolled onto its side around 15-20m from the runway in the grass.... Read more

11-Nov-20 HB-ZVN Guimbal G2 Sion, Switzerland

Landed too close to the parked Bell 505 HB-ZYN, striking and breaking its tail fin.  This helicopter, with student and instructor, then crashed from a lower hover, breaking its skids and damaging its boom close to the fenestron (which ended up approx 90 degrees twisted on the boom axis)... Read more

08-Nov-20 9M-HCB Guimbal G2 Taman Melawati, Malaysia (2F)

Two Guimbal G2 Cabris were conducting training flights. Both took off from Subang’s Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport bound for Genting Sempah. Each helicopter was carrying an instructor and and a student.  It is reported that the two helicopters contacted each other in some way before each making separate landings. This blue-livery helicopter descended vertically into... Read more

08-Nov-20 9M-HCA Guimbal G2 Taman Melawati, Malaysia

Two Guimbal G2 Cabris were conducting training flights. Both took off from Subang’s Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport bound for Genting Sempah. Each helicopter was carrying an instructor and and a student.  It is reported that the two helicopters contacted each other in some way before each making separate landings. This red-livery helicopter managed to make... Read more

30-Sep-20 N250Z Guimbal G2 Bentonville, US-Arkansas

Bent skids and tail rotor ground strike on landing... Read more

18-Sep-20 VH-LTO Guimbal G2 Caloundra, Australia

During a touch-and-go, the Extra EA 300 aircraft collided with a Guimbal Cabri G2 helicopter on the runway.... Read more

21-Jan-20 N715RK Guimbal G2 Independence, US-Iowa

Aircraft crashed into a hangar at Independence Municipal Airport, US-Iowa.... Read more

05-Dec-19 N797NA Guimbal G2 Washington, US-Missouri

Aircraft suffered a tail strike whilst maneuvering to avoid a bird on takeoff.... Read more

31-Jan-19 F-HRCR Guimbal G2 Pierrevert, France

During reconnaissance to land on a golf course, the helicopter suddenly rotates left on its yaw axis, falls from a height of 5 to 10 m by making several turns on itself, and collides with the ground on one of the courses of the golf course.  Two POB, one reported seriously injured, the other lightly... Read more

30-Oct-16 ZK-IZR Guimbal Cabri G2 Tarras, New Zealand

The helicopter hit a pole and crashed at 4.30am whilst engaged in frost control operations due to the pilot being unable to see due to the canopy fogging up. The pilot was injured.... Read more

15-Apr-16 ZK-IMS Guimbal Cabri G2 Tikitere, New Zealand

Pilot made an emergency landing in a paddock for unknown reason.  Inspection cover in firewall had not been closed during pre-flight checks and helicopter was consumed by fire.  Sole occupant pilot got out OK without injury... Read more

16-Oct-15 ZS-HII Guimbal G2 Mossel Bay, South Africa

Pilot had completed a 360° turn to the right and was commencing with the same exercise to the left, approximately 90° through the turn the skid gear impacted with the ground, the helicopter continue to rotate to the left and tail rotor stinger and lower fenestron fin assembly impacted with the ground, which had caused... Read more

12-Sep-15 ZK-ICS Guimbal G2 Rolleston, New Zealand

Landing accident and helicopter ended up on its side.  Note that from the two links provided, the TVNZ link shows the helicopter at the accident location and The Press link shows it after being removed from there to a grassy area for recovery away from the site... Read more

08-Sep-15 SP-NHE Guimbal G2 Sielicach, Poland

Practising autorotation when it hit the ground tail first at very low rotor RPM and one blade struck the tail boom. The helicopter came to rest on its skids and there were no injuries to the instructor or student.  BEA data refers to ” A broken cam of the throttle was found.”  That report also... Read more

11-Jun-15 HB-ZOA Guimbal G2 Cabri Gruyère, Switzerland

During autorotation practice,  the main rotor blades contacted the tail boom after the helicopter bounced off the ground in a heavy landing... Read more

12-Mar-15 F-HOLA Guimbal G2 Plateau de Matheysine, France

The instructor explained that during a go-around after practice approach altitude on a field, the helicopter suddenly made several turns to the left around the yaw axis.  He managed to land in a snowy field at about 5400 ft.... Read more

18-Oct-14 D-HAVG Guimbal Cabri Egelsbach, Germany

Main transmission belt came loose, causing engine to lose power.  Emergency landing completed successfully but uneven ground caused temporary instability which led to one main blade contacting and cutting tail boom.... Read more

04-Feb-14 D-HAIG Guimbal Cabri Langenfeld, Germany

Helicopter on pipeline patrol fell onto its side on take off after reportedly spinning... Read more

01-Feb-14 D-HAVC Guimbal G2 Augsberg, Germany

In a low hover on a training flight and the helicopter began to spin uncontrollably.  Helicopter hit the ground tail first and broke the tail boom... Read more

03-Oct-13 ZK-HCS Guimbal Cabri Swannanoa, New Zealand

While practicing pedal jams, during third exercise, nose yawed past centre and then got away from the student in control. The helicopter yawed left and rotated two times during which the engine went silent. Instructor took control and settled the helicopter in a hard landing from approximately 8ft. The helicopter’s tail struck ground and then... Read more

13-Jul-13 HB-ZLJ Guimbal Cabri Wichtrach, Switzerland

Emergency autorotation landing in cornfield.  Photo suggests minimal or no damage.... Read more

06-Jul-13 F-HBEA Guimbal G2 Cabri Fleurac, France have been given the following statement on 10 July by the manufacturer:- “We at Helicopteres Guimbal are of course much worried that a recent accident involved a Cabri. We are even more frustrated to learn the distorted reports that appeared in the press. The following is what we know from our point and from... Read more

25-Oct-12 VH-CDU Guimbal Cabri G2 Bankstown, Australia

Hard landing on training flight.  Badly damaged... Read more

13-Apr-12 VH-ZZT Guimbal Cabri Camden, Australia

During jammed pedal recovery practice, the helicopter collided with the ground and rolled over. One crew member sustained minor injuries and the helicopter was substantially damaged.... Read more

06-Feb-12 SE-JNE Guimbal Cabri G2 Hjallsta, Sweden

Precautionary landing due to engine vibration... Read more

26-Oct-11 G-UIMB Guimbal Cabri G2 Kemble, UK

The damage to the helicopter is limited to the tail and landing gear structure. The rotor blades and the transmission suffered no damage from the hard landing at a high rate of yaw.... Read more

31-Jul-11 PH-WTW Guimbal Cabri Lelystad, Netherlands

Main blade struck tail boom in practice autorotation.  See first link for summary from manufacturer... Read more

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