S300 Accidents

22-Oct-19 OK-ASS Schweizer 300CBi Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

Crashed during night training flight.  Instructor and student not seriously injured... Read more

17-Aug-17 OE-XGM Schweizer 300C Engelhartszell, Austria

Pilot made emergency landing after experiencing problems during photo flight, and subsequent landing in open field left the aircraft on its starboard side.  Passenger received light head injuries... Read more

22-May-17 N2032S Schweizer 300CBi Eden Prairie, US-Minnesota

Fell onto starboard side during training accident.  Two POB not seriously injured... Read more

29-Jul-15 I-GASF Schweizer 300C Gratosoglio, Italy

Helicopter written off in agricultural accident... Read more

09-Jun-15 Schweizer 300 Lac Central, Canada

A private Schweitzer 269C helicopter took off from a sandy beach at Lac Central for Lac Kénogami with a pilot and a passenger on board. During the initial climb, the aircraft (Lycoming HIO-360-D1A engine) experienced a loss of lift for an undetermined reason and crashed in the lake. The occupants were not injured in the... Read more

04-Dec-14 CS-HFD Schweizer 300CBi Ponte de Sor, Portugal (2F)

Crashed on training flight, killing Portuguese instructor and Angolan student... Read more

06-Jul-14 ZK-HON Schweizer 300C Ward, New Zealand

Crashed on hunting expedition.  Both occupants airlifted – pilot Grant McCallum with a broken leg and passenger Sam Kersten with serious back injuries... Read more

13-Jun-14 OO-JCS Schweizer S300C Cerfontaine, Belgium (1F)

Annual licence renewal flight.  Instructor Louis Janssens (69) from Theux died in the accident... Read more

12-Jun-14 G-BWAV Schweizer S300C Dunsfold, UK

The pilot was attempting a practice autorotation when the accident occurred. He did not realise that he had failed to achieve a split between engine and rotor rpm, with the result that the rotor rpm reduced to below the normal operating range. The pilot was unable to prevent the helicopter striking the ground hard. It... Read more

23-Feb-14 VH-HAK Hughes 300C Legerwood, Australia

The helicopter took off to reposition for refuelling and after about 1 minute, at about 30 ft above ground level, the engine stopped. The helicopter landed heavily, collided with an embankment and was substantially damaged.... Read more

21-Jul-13 I-GANI Schweizer 300C Cuneo Levaldigi, Italy

Destroyed in accident, occupants not injured... Read more

03-Jul-13 N888ZW Schweizer S300C Burnham, US-Maine

Two seater helicopter crashed  in a heavily wooded area on a bear hunt.  Both occupants injured – 58-year old pilotEd Friedman, passenger named here as Lisa Bates, 27... Read more

19-Feb-13 N2099S Schweizer 300CBi Titusville, US-Florida

Heavy landing, deforming the skids, on the side of Highway US-1 after engine malfunction... Read more

05-Aug-12 C-FLBI Schweizer 300CBi Widgeon Lake, Canada

Reg C-FLBI is not confirmed but is the only one in this operators fleet to match the details given so far in the CADAORS report, ref 2012P1240... Read more

24-May-12 N7505Y Schweizer 300C Asheville, US-North Carolina

Hard landing on the runway, which meant that the runway was closed for 80 minutes.   2 POB not injured.... Read more

21-Apr-12 N34LB Schweizer 300C Schaumburg, US-Illinois

Tail rotor struck ground handling platform during landing... Read more

12-Apr-12 N69HJ Hughes 269A Grinnell, US-Iowa

Substantially damaged due to ground resonance... Read more

12-Apr-12 VT-HAV Schweizer 300C Bangalore, India

Helicopter on training flight made emergency landing on roof of apartment block, ending up on its side. The two occupants of the helicopter were unhurt.  A HAL press release named them as  Air Commodore (Retd) Roj Assey alongwith trainee Capt Digvijay Singh... Read more

05-Mar-12 N1099N Hughes 300C Staples, US-Texas

landed in a field with the tail boom chopped in half.  Remained upright on skids and two occupants not injured... Read more

14-Oct-11 N10375 Hughes 269A Fort Worth, US-Texas

A spokesperson for the FAA said the helicopter sustained severe damage, but that neither of the two people on board suffered any injuries.... Read more

15-Nov-10 D-HROM Schweizer 300 Bayreuth, Germany

crashed on approach to Bayreuth/Bindlacher Berg Airport... Read more

11-Nov-10 HB-XYI Schweizer 300 Lanzenhäusern, Switzerland

Helicopter suffered a heavy landing in a field, skids compacted and tail hit the ground. Cabin was untouched.... Read more

06-Oct-10 N2074B Schweizer 300CBi Cocoa, US-Florida

After hitting a bird with the main rotor blade, the passenger and pilot were not hurt. It took crews a few hours to remove the chopper and return it to the Bristow Academy in Titusville.... Read more

2-Sep-09 N58163 Schweizer S300 Araphoe, US-Nebraska

2-Sep-09 N58163 Schweizer S300 Araphoe, US-Nebraska... Read more

18-Jun-09 N9421K Schweizer S300 East Naples, US-Florida

18-Jun-09 N9421K Schweizer S300 East Naples, US-Florida... Read more

13-Jun-09 N1565B Schweizer S300 Titusville, US-Florida

13-Jun-09 N1565B Schweizer S300 Titusville, US-Florida... Read more

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