Spain Accidents

13-Sep-21 EC-NBT Airbus AS332L2 Sierra Bermeja, Spain

Main blades struck a tree.  All 19 on board safely left the aircraft.  Helicopter involved in firefighting operations and was taking a group of firefighters to the scene of the fire.  With the helicopter incapacitated, the fire then came through the same area and the helicopter was burned out the next day 🔥 Un helicóptero... Read more

11-Jul-21 EC-JDQ Airbus AS365N3 Strait of Gibraltar, Spain (1F)

Customs helicopter was involved in attempting to apprehend a boat being driven at high speed in the early hours of the morning, suspected of transporting drugs across the Strait of Gibraltar.  Helicopter crashed into the sea, and the observer died in the accident – named here as José Luis Domínguez Iborra.  Pilot and Copilot were... Read more

11-Jul-21 EC-MTS Bell 412 Ejea, Spain

Firefighting helicopter had just completed water pickup when it lost power and descended into a lake – see video of incident.  2 POB out OK and rescued.  Helicopter was involved in fighting a fire at Cinco Villas... Read more

10-Sep-15 HU.27-02 Airbus AS532UL Requena, Spain

Training flight.  Helicopter ended up on its side with main blades and tail boom ripped off.  Three POB all safe with minimal injuries.... Read more

04-Apr-15 EC-KIR PZL W3 Fernán Pérez, Spain

Date refers to the date that the wreck of this helicopter was found abandoned, and thus the accident could have happened earlier.  Helicopter found having crashed onto its starboard side with tail rotor separated. No marks on the ground around, and relatively light damage to cabin and cockpit area suggests either take-0ff or landing issue. ... Read more

26-Mar-15 EC-FYJ Airbus AS355NP Montmeló, Spain

Starboard engine fire in flight.  Pilot landed helicopter safely... Read more

26-Mar-15 EC-KYJ Airbus AS355N Montmelo, Spain

After engine failure indication the pilot decided to land in the heliport of the Montmelo motor racing circuit. During approach there was an explosion of the engine, provoking the power turbine and exhaust nozzle to detach. Important damage to the engine and the exhaust nozzle.... Read more

28-Jan-15 Eurocopter Bo105 Cortes de la Frontera, Spain (2F)

Crashed killing both on board after hitting powerlines at night.  Helicopter was carrying 800-900 kg of hashish and on an illegal (unbooked with air traffic) flight.  One of those on board was from the Albanian Air Force. Photos show a Bo105 in dark camouflage colours... Read more

24-Aug-14 HU.15-90 Airbus Bo105CBS-4 Marana, Spain (3F)

Blades struck mountain side during rescue operation of a climber, causing helicopter to crash.  All three on board killed, named as Captain Emilio Pérez Peláez Lieutenient Marcos Antonio Benito Rodríguez José Martínez Conejo (Mountain specialist) The helicopter is officially serialled HU.15-90.  It also carried the Guardia Civil code 09-118 See also Guardia Civil tribute video... Read more

24-May-14 Robinson R44 Casares, Spain (1F)

Contacted powerlines and crashed, killing sole occupant pilot.  Post crash fire.  Helicopter apparently Swiss registered judging by flag on tail in this image   Based on the colour scheme it could be one of HB-ZJK (12182), HB-ZPE (12862), HB-ZSA (10365), HB-ZSC (13426) – although it is also possible that an R44 previously flown in Switzerland (and... Read more

19-Mar-14 HD.21-10 Eurocopter AS332B Morro Jable, Spain (4F)

Military SAR helicopter crashed into the water off the Canary Islands at 2155 CET on night training flight.  One rescued, four later confirmed dead when the helicopter was located under water.... Read more

24-Feb-14 EC-FTX Eurocopter AS355N Casarrubios del Monte, Spain

Helicopter landed heavily and fell onto port side during training operation.  Extensively damaged (see photo) including tail boom sliced and frontal impact damage.  Two minor injuries... Read more

04-Aug-13 EC-KIE Eurocopter AS350B3 Pallares, Spain

Firefighting helicopter.  Ended up on its starboard side with little apparent vertical impact (=roll-over?).  2 POB, 1 with minor injuries, 1 uninjured... Read more

25-Apr-13 HU26-18 Eurocopter EC135P2+ Los Galayos, Spain

Blade strike and ensuing heavy landing caused skids to deform.  Fortunately helicopter did not fall over the edge of the mountain, but it was very close.  Helicopter was registered HU26-18 and carried code “09-312”... Read more

11-Aug-12 EC-KTU Eurocopter AS350B3 Guils de Certanya, Spain

While firefighting, refilling hose struck trees and then swung up into main rotors and the tail boom.  Extensively damaged.... Read more

02-Jul-12 EC-KSJ Bell 412 Yátova, Spain (1F)

First of two accidents fighting the same fire in Spain.  Pilot killed.... Read more

02-Jul-12 EC-JUN PZL Sokol Sierra Martes, Spain

Crashed 30 minutes after the Bell 412 firefighting accident.  One report states loss of tail rotor on approach to site at altitude of 20m.  Both occupants (aged 55 and 36) injured... Read more

20-Mar-12 Eurocopter SE313 El Cuervo, Spain (3F)

Helicopter crashed with significant vertical descent rate.  see photo here and here.... Read more

12-Nov-11 G-WOOW MD Helicopters MD369E Andratx, Spain (2F)

Fatal crash killing two British males named in this article as Mark Blaver-Mann and Alistair Evans.  Helicopter was completely burnt out... Read more

30-Sep-11 CC-CIS Bell 212 Bienservida, Spain (1F)

Accident between EC-GIC and CC-CIS both 212s involved in re-filling their water tanks during fire-fighting operations.  Pilot Leo Janssen, flying CC-CIS was killed.  Pilot Manuel Fuertes in EC-GIC survived... Read more

30-Sep-11 EC-GIC Bell 212 Bienservida, Spain

Accident between EC-GIC and CC-CIS both 212s involved in re-filling their water tanks during fire-fighting operations.  Pilot Leo Janssen, flying CC-CIS was killed.  Pilot Manuel Fuertes in EC-GIC survived... Read more

19-Sep-11 EC-JRY Agusta-Bell 412 La Peza, Spain (3F)

Firefighting helicopter on ferry flight.  High momentum terrain impact, fire followed.... Read more

18-Sep-11 D-HONY Bell B206B El Puerto de Santa María, Spain

Helicopter from Germany involved in filming came down in street in Spanish town.  Report says that pilot was trying to make a forced landing in an empty lot after engine failure.  Three occupants injured.... Read more

29-Jul-11 HS.13-5 Hughes 369HM Puerto Real, Spain

Post maintenance test flight.  Main blades struck and cut tail boom.  Landed upright in field.... Read more

18-Jun-11 SP-SUI PZL Sokol Tabuyo, Spain

Unstable on take-off and crashed in a wood a few hundred metres from take-off point... Read more

07-Jun-11 EC-IMZ Bell 407 Villasana de Mena, Spain (2F)

Helicopter was on electricity line survey when it went down at the crest of the mountain of Puerto Angulo, in a rocky and inaccessible by land vehicle.  Locals reported a fire and the authorities later confirmed two fatalities.  Foggy weather conditions may have contributed... Read more

06-Apr-11 Eurocopter SA315B Medina Sidonia, Spain (2F)

Wreckage reported 6th April.  Two bodies “may have been there a week” – thus date of accident unclear... Read more

19-Mar-11 EC-KTA Bell 407 Villel, Spain (6F)

The Interior Ministry says six firefighters have died when their helicopter crashed in a remote region in the northeastern province of Aragon as they flew to try and put out a wildfire.  The statement says a seventh crew member survived the accident and has been flown to hospital in the city of Teruel.  Photos at... Read more

24-Feb-11 SP-SYA PZL Sokol La Caldera National Park, Spain

Helicopter was doing work in the National Park, probably load lifting but the news reports thus far are unclear.  Serious injuries reported... Read more

10-Nov-10 D-HLUC Hughes 300C Trebujena, Spain

After approaching runway 26 at Trebujena Airfield, Spain, the helicopter crashed after the student pilot lost control while making a 180-degree turn. 1 on board o.k.... Read more

14-Sep-09 (unknown type) Vilamartín of Valdeorras, Spain

14-Sep-09 (unknown type) Vilamartín of Valdeorras, Spain... Read more

22-Jun-09 EC-IOJ Eurocopter AS350B3 Mollet del Vallès, Spain (2F)

22-Jun-09 EC-IOJ Eurocopter AS350B3 Mollet del Vallès, Spain... Read more

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