Sudanese-Air-Force Accidents

13-Jan-21 (serial tba) Mil Mi-24 Wad Zayed, Sudan

Crashed shortly after taking off from an airport.  All on board survived (Mi-24 is best guess at type.  3POB and an “attack helicopter” seem reasonably likely to be correct.  “Apache” clearly is not.  However, image issued by the Sudan News Agency shows the aft end of the tail boom and stinger of an AW109 –... Read more

16-Jul-12 Mil MI-8 El Fasher, Sudan (7F)

Military spokesman Col. Sawarmy Khalid Saad said that a technical failure caused the crash. Seven officers were killed and two others were injured. [Helicopter type assumed, not confirmed]... Read more

27-Feb-12 ST-GFB Mil Mi-17 Al-Qadarif, Sudan (3F)

Sudanese minister of agriculture, Abdel Halim al-Mutafi, has escaped death in a crash which killed three people. He  emerged almost unscathed from the mishap which took place in Sudan’s eastern state of Al-Qadarif, where an Mi-17 helicopter carrying him along with six of his aides and two Iranian investors caught fire during take-off.... Read more

30-Dec-11 El-Obeid, Sudan (6F)

“Russian-made gunship helicopter” crashed three minutes after take-off.  Post fire crash.  6 killed.... Read more

18-Apr-11 Mil Mi-17 El-Fasher, Sudan (5F)

Second Sudanese military accident in a week, this one kiling 5.  Details to follow... Read more

13-Apr-11 Mil Mi-24 Khartoum, Sudan (1F)

Sudanese Air Force Mi-24 attempting to take off from the military airport in Khartoum crashed on Wednesday morning, killing one of three people on board after an engine caught fire, the army said.... Read more

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