US-Michigan Accidents

15-Sep-21 N632SD Airbus AS350B2 Romeo, US-Michigan

Hard landing during autorotation training (FAA). Level of damage unknown in FAA report... Read more

12-Feb-16 N180TH Enstrom TH-180 Menominee, US-Michigan

Test flight accident, coming down in residential area 600m short of runway 32 at Marinette Twin County Airport... Read more

15-Jul-15 N8337Z Robinson R44 Sandusky, US-Michigan

Helicopter landed at a manufacturing business, severing powerline.  After brief stop on the ground – and “the authorities had arrived at the scene“, the helicopter took off again and departed the area... Read more

29-May-15 N206ED Bell 206B Caledonia, US-Michegan

Emergency situation led pilot Ken Wilson to put the helicopter down into trees – and it came to rest in the branches 40 feet from the ground.  Wilson and passenger Raymond Osan III – working on low level powerlines – were able to get out of the helicopter into the trees, from which they were... Read more

26-May-14 N365WM Eurocopter AS365N2 Constantine, US-Michigan

Hand landing causing damage to nose wheel and starboard landing wheels.  Helicopter came to rest on an angle without the blades striking the ground... Read more

21-Jan-14 6578 Eurocopter HH-65C New Haven Township, US-Michigan

Flying from Traverse City to Lansing for maintenance of a compass malfunction when it developed mechanical problems requiring the emergency landing.  Roaded out.... Read more

29-Aug-13 N2253U Brantly B2B Grant Township, US-Michigan

Substantially damaged in crash shortly after takeoff, ending up on its port side.  Both POB to hospital... Read more

22-Aug-13 N975BW MD Helicopters MD530FF Reese, US-Michigan

F0rce landing in corn field.  Helicopter was involved in powerline work... Read more

11-Mar-13 Sikorsky S76C++ Muskegon, US-Michigan

Rotor downdraft caused the trunk of a parked vehicle parked in the lot to fly open. The trunk lid then flew back and smashed the back window of the vehicle.... Read more

01-Dec-12 N3755Z Bell 47G2 Walkerville, US-Michigan (1F)

Crash into forest area killed pilot Thomas Slocum, 49, and injured passenger Matt Williams, 28... Read more

30-Apr-12 N433UM Bell 430 Tecumseh, US-Michigan

EMS helicopter taking off from accident site – and downwash caused awning to blow over... Read more

23-Sep-11 N8324F Robinson R44 Curren, US-Michigan (2F)

Wooded area of Alcona County.  Fatalities listed as owner Dan Logghe, 46, and an employee of his, Mark May aged 33.  Failed to return on 23-Sep, hence listed as date.  But they had been away and potentially out of contact for a few days, so this may not have been the actual accident day.... Read more

29-Aug-11 N228F Enstrom F28F Menominee, US-Michigan

Landed hard and tail blades struck the ground... Read more

19-Sep-10 N324V Eurocopter AS350B2 Sheridan Township, US-Michigan

Snagged a powerline during filming of Dreamworks movie “Real Steel” which is due for release November 2011.  Helicopter was later flown from the scene... Read more

3-Sep-09 N Pullman, US-Michigan

3-Sep-09 N Pullman, US-Michegan... Read more

13-Aug-09 N Bangor Township, US-Michigan

13-Aug-09 N Bangor Township, US-Michigan... Read more

11-Aug-09 N9526 Bell B47G2A Bangor, US-Michigan

11-Aug-09 N9526 Bell B47G2A Bangor, US-Michegan... Read more

10-May-09 N176AM Sikorsky S76 Grandville, US-Michigan

10-May-09 N176AM Sikorsky S76 Grandville, US-Michegan... Read more

7-May-09 N433UM Bell B430 Michegan, US-Michigan

7-May-09 N433UM Bell B430 Michegan, US-Michegan... Read more

26-Apr-09 (Reg/Type TBA) Ogemaw County, US-Michigan

26-Apr-09 Ogemaw County, US-Michegan... Read more

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