US-Missouri Accidents

02-Dec-21 N911PH MD Helicopters MD500E Chesterfield, US-Missouri

Main blades sliced tail boom on training flight while practicing autorotations St. Louis County Police helicopter damaged at Spirit of St. Louis — KMOV (@KMOV) December 2, 2021... Read more

13-Nov-21 N902CH MD Helicopters MD902 Springfield, US-Missouri

While en route from a scene request to a Springfield hospital, the aircraft was illuminated repeatedly by a blue laser.  The individual tracked the aircraft with the laser for approximately 3-5 minutes.  The laser was behind us and would illuminate and wash out the cabin with light.  The incident was reported to ATC while it... Read more

05-Oct-21 N266RK Robinson R66 Delta, US-Missouri

Helicopter was being used to spray creek banks in the area with weed killer and contacted powerlines, causing it to crash... Read more

05-Dec-19 N797NA Guimbal G2 Washington, US-Missouri

Aircraft suffered a tail strike whilst maneuvering to avoid a bird on takeoff.... Read more

06-Mar-15 N356AM Airbus EC130 St Louis, US-Missouri (1F)

Security video shows helicopter search light spinning to the left. The video shows that the helicopter entered a steep descent and impacted the side of the hospital building and parking lot at night.  Operated by Air Methods for ARCH Air Medical.  Pilot named here as Ronald Rector... Read more

19-Jun-14 N784SH Robinson R22 Greensfield, US-Missouri

Helicopter fell onto its starboard side during a training flight... Read more

25-Apr-14 N32VB Robinson R44 Liberty, US-Missouri

Crashed from the hover, fell onto its side... Read more

19-Nov-13 N8316D Robinson R22 Lees Summit, US-Missouri

Tail boom struck ground during autorotation... Read more

26-Oct-13 N283MP Bell OH-58A Jefferson City, US-Missouri

Engine failure on training flight, helicopter damaged in emergency landing in field.  Highway Patrol report shows no injuries to Michael Hagus and minor injuries not requiring medical help to Jeff Noack... Read more

28-Jun-13 N78900 Bell 47D Lake Ozark, US-Missouri

Main rotor struck tail boom during autorotation landing... Read more

24-May-13 N569BC Robinson R44 Cross Timbers, US-Missouri (2F)

Crashed in heavy wooded area.  Fatalities named as pilot William Higgenbotham, 32, and the passenger was Catalina Richard, 21.... Read more

30-May-12 N116AE Bell 206L West Plains, US-Missouri

The aircraft had just completed a routine inspection and the mechanic was doing a post-inspection ground run when the aircraft inadvertently lifted from its stationary position and struck a hangar.  Mechanic injured... Read more

26-May-12 N345MH Schweizer 300CBi Chesterfield, US-Missouri

FAA says “crashed under unknown circumstances”... Read more

01-Oct-11 Sikorsky SH-60 Jefferson City, US-Missouri

Crashed from 20-25 ft on climb out, heavy landing with wheels broken off and fuselage impacting ground... Read more

26-Aug-11 N352LN Eurocopter AS350B2 Mosby, US-Missouri (4F)

Pilot had reported that he was calling in to a nearby airport for refuel shortly before.  Air Ambulance crashed in open countryside killing the three crew – Randy Bever, 47, a nurse, Chris Frakes, 36, a paramedic, and James Freudenberg, 34, the pilot – and the patient Terry Tacoronte, 58... Read more

18-Jun-11 N24HM Bell 47G4A Montgomery City, US-Missouri

Main rotor blades severed tail boom during take-off... Read more

19-Dec-10 N549AM Eurocopter AS350B2 LaMonte, US-Missouri

Reported as engine failure at 200ft on take-off and very heavily subsequent landing with skids failing and fuselage impacting the ground.  Helicopter remained upright. 3 injured... Read more

15-Oct-10 N96MP Bell 206 Chesterfield, US-Missouri (1F)

No emergency call made, pilot was only one on board. Ended up on a road in a very wooded area. Deceased named as Joseph Schuengel, age 47, 17 year veteran MSHP officer... Read more

19-Sep-10 N919CM Eurocopter EC145 Kansas City, US-Missouri

Lifeflight Eagle 4 took a bird strike when on final approach to Childrens Mercy Medical Center... Read more

11-Sep-09 N720PH Bell B407 Blue Springs, US-Missouri

11-Sep-09 N720PH Bell B407 Blue Springs, US-Missouri... Read more

23-Feb-09 N122SL Eurocopter BK117 St Louis, US-Missouri

23-Feb-09 N122SL Eurocopter BK117 St Louis, US-Missouri... Read more

05-Aug-04 N7036J Robinson R44 Chesterfield, US-Missouri

Main blades hit folded-up hangar door on climb out from apron.  Main blades sliced tail boom, skids splayed.  One minor injury and 3 uninjured. Registration cancelled as “destroyed”... Read more

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