Accidents Belgium

01-Aug-15 OO-KMN Robinson R44 Belgium

Date is estimated, and may be any time in the range 23-Jun (last known flight) to 05-Aug, when the helicopter was seen damaged on a trailer in the insurance compound at Fairoaks Airport in the UK. Helicopter looks mostly complete, but tail boom a little bent and the lower part of the tail is bent... Read more

13-Jun-14 OO-JCS Schweizer S300C Cerfontaine, Belgium (1F)

Annual licence renewal flight.  Instructor Louis Janssens (69) from Theux died in the accident... Read more

02-Aug-13 H-39 Agusta 109BA Bevekom, Belgium

Problem on post-maintenance test flight.  Pilot  Eddy Lambrechts OK, but technician Steve Houttekier to hospital... Read more

23-Apr-13 OO-PIV Robinson R44 Geel, Belgium

Helicopter rolled over onto its side, causing substantial damage, shortly after cameraman had got out.  Off airfield landing at transport depot of BE-Trans... Read more

01-Jan-12 OO-RWK Robinson R22 Hoevenen, Belgium

Dynamic Roll-over on training flight.  No injuries reported to instructor or student... Read more

28-May-12 OO-PIV Robinson R44 Hoegaarden, Belgium

Emergency landing in field, no damage... Read more

17-May-12 I-B037 Elisport CH-7 Mettet, Belgium

Pilot suffered spinal injuries after crashing the single-seat CH-7 Kompress.  Helicopter extensively damaged (see photo)... Read more

04-May-12 Boeing CH-47 Florennes, Belgium

Royal Netherlands Air Force pilot heard a strange noise shortly after takeoff from the base of Florennes and elected to put the helicopter down in a field.  No damage... Read more

06-Apr-12 OO-DTZ Robinson R22B2 Huy, Belgium (2F)

Hit cable car wires during low level photographic work.  Both pilot Jean-Yves Dantinne and photographer Lawrence Matagne lost their lives... Read more

18-Oct-11 OO-HCI Eurocopter EC120B Micheroux, Belgium (2F)

Having taken off from Spa on a surveillance flight for the Fluxys company, helicopter crashed in a private garden killing 2 POB.  The owner of the land described the weather as low cloud and windy gusts.... Read more

12-Oct-11 H-33 AgustaWestland A109BA Lessive, Belgium

Landed to close to trees and damaged main blades... Read more

4-Jul-09 OO-PMH Robinson R22 Nazareth, Belgium

4-Jul-09 OO-PMH Robinson R22 Nazareth, Belgium... Read more

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