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20-Nov-21 PNC-0715 Bell UH-1H II Subachoque, Colombia (3F)

Police helicopter on counter-narcotics operation crashed for unknown reasons.  Initial reports (example) show foggy conditions, which may have been contributory.  Two fatalities of the six on board as a result of the accident, with a third death confirmed a short time later from the hospital Colombian vice president Marta Lucia Ramirez tweeted the names of... Read more

25-Oct-19 FAC0006 Bell 412 Albán, Colombia (6F)

Helicopter with pilot, co-pilot and four technicians was en route from Palanquero Air Base, in Puerto Salgar, to its maintenance base at Madrid.  The helicopter is part of the Presidential Flight.... Read more

05-Oct-15 PNC-073 Bell UH-1H Puerto Gaitan, Colombia (6F)

Crashed and burned out after reported loss of hydraulics led to loss of tail rotor control and an emergency landing.  Six fatalities named as Pilot Javier Arias F, copilot Germán David Beltrán;  Col. Carlos Alberto Melendez, police commander for Meta region, along with colleagues Jeison Alejandro García and Luís Felipe Nieva Gómez, plus one other... Read more

04-Aug-15 PNC-0608 Sikorsky UH-60L Carepa, Colombia (16F)

Helicopter on low-level anti-drug operation crashed, reportedly having been shot at from the ground by an improvised mortar device.  Initial reports said 15 fatal and 2 survivors, later raised to 16+2 List deceased includes – Assistant Superintendent Gualdrón Diego Rodriguez. Patrolman Jesus Antonio Polo.  Patrullero Enrique Escobar.  Patrolman Wilson Reyes Martinez.  Patrullero Norberto Cáceres Baptist. ... Read more

14-Jul-15 Sikorsky UH-60 El Bejuco, Colombia (4F)

Helicopter on anti-drug operation landed in a clearing which was mined – the mine exploded, killing four, seriously injuring two and minor injuries to another four.  Full infra-red video released from second helicopter providing top cover above.... Read more

28-Aug-14 HK-4287G Robinson R22 Amaga, Colombia Read more

23-Feb-14 EJC-2160 Sikorsky UH-60L Hondas, Colombia (4F)

Accident killed Major Luis Fabián Carrero Llanos, Captain Jhonny Patiño Ballesteros, Sargeant Leonardo Polo Monje and Cadet Mauricio Gómez Vélez.... Read more

09-Jan-14 HK-4462 Bell 206L3 Anori, Colombia (5F)

Crashed killing all five occupants – military personnel flying in a civilian helicopter.  Former president quoted here said that crash caused by FARC terrorists... Read more

23-Dec-13 PNC-0923 Bell 206L4 Briceño, Colombia

Helicopter landed close to a landmine which was then triggered via mobile phone by a terrorist group.  2 injuries of 6 POB – named as Patrolman Diego Garzón and the pilot Captain Juan Gabriel Ramirez... Read more

29-Oct-13 FAC4505 Bell UH-1H Ptolemais, Colombia

Very heavy landing on training flight, remained upright, although boom broken at root.  Post impact fire was extinguished.... Read more

15-Oct-13 EJC-4214 Bell UH-1H La Mayajura, Colombia

Crashed in mountainous region close to Venezeulan border.  No casualties... Read more

07-Oct-13 HK-4770 Mil Mi-171 Orito, Colombia

Inadvertently landed in a mine field.  Occupants escaped unharmed but helicopter later consumed by fire.... Read more

09-Jul-13 HK-4866 Eurocopter BK117A4 Teorama, Colombia (5F)

Contacted high voltage powerlines and crashed with 5 fatalities.  Registration NOT yet verified... Read more

01-Apr-13 FAC-4105 Sikorsky UH-60L Tabacal, Colombia

Precautionary landing due to engine problem en route Bucaramanga to Yopal... Read more

25-Feb-13 EJC-3378 Mil Mi-17 San Juan de Sumapaz, Colombia

Crashed from low level hover due to high winds... Read more

14-Feb-13 HK-2887 Bell 206B Caldono, Colombia

Four injured in emergency landing in a garden.  Pilot Eduardo Augusto Ospina was flying three military personnel – mobile brigade commander 29, Colonel Carlos Salamanca; Corporal Hector Fabio Sogamoso, and professional soldier Jaider Cardenas Posso.... Read more

05-Jan-13 Bell 412 Tumaco, Colombia (1F)

Colombian Navy 412 crashed on an EMS mission, killing Ocoró John Jairo Torres, who had over 15 years military experience.  Four others to hospital – Pilot Miguel Córdoba, Copilot Juan Pablo Zuloaga; and rescuers Luis Miguel Ibáñez and Ronal Jiménez.... Read more

15-Dec-12 FAC-4130 Sikorsky UH-60L Providencia, Colombia

Emergency landing into trees.  Three injuries reported... Read more

22-Nov-12 ARC-218 Eurocopter BK117A3 El Piñón, Colombia

Approx date.  Autorotation landing to uneven ground in open field.  Helicopter ended up tail low on its skids, and witness reported blade damage. 3 POB not injured... Read more

01-Nov-12 Huey II Sandoná, Colombia

Failed to gain height, and control very erratic on take-off from sports field.  Put down safely, but not before damaging buildings with its downwash.  Government minister on board... Read more

26-May-12 Bell UH-1 Huey II Nariño, Colombia

Pilot experienced some difficulties and elected to put the helicopter down in a mangrove swamp on approach to Tumaco airport.  All four (one report says five) occupants safely recovered... Read more

30-Apr-12 FAC-4020 Bell 212 Sabanagrande, Colombia (13F)

The helicopter was on a transport mission from Barranquilla to Caucasia when the accident occurred, killing all 13 on board – 7 from the Colombian Air Force and 6 from the Colombian National Police.  Pilot was named as Major Abel Jorge Garcia Cardona, while Lieutenant Hector Vega Alejandro Cuevas was serving as copilot.... Read more

08-Jan-12 FAC-0005 Bell 412 Barrancabermeja, Colombia

En route from Cartagena to an air force base in Puerto Salgar, helicopter landed heavily on edge of a flat roof with significant vertical speed, causing heavy impact damage.  Impact reportedly included a small fire which was easily put out.  4POB injured.... Read more

03-Dec-11 SIkorsky UH-60 San Jeronimo, Colombia

Extensively damaged in accident after the helicopter refueled, said Army aviation division commander Gen. Javier Rey, adding that the aircraft had problems “with a crosswind” that forced it to the ground.  All nine occupants survived... Read more

12-Jul-11 N810AG Robinson R66 Girardot Airport, Colombia (2F)

Crashed shortly after take-off.  One report suggests tail rotor struck a tree, but nephew of pilot says it lost the tail at 400ft.  Fatalities named as Ricardo Cabrera (pilot/trainer) and Juan Pablo Gaviria (owner/student)... Read more

11-Jun-11 PNC-0731 Bell UH-1 Huey II Salinas, Colombia (8F)

Struck high voltage powerline. 8 fatalities named as pilot Néstor Manuel Niño Acosta, Copilot Fabián Fuentes Meneses, technician Leandro Sánchez Sánchez  and passengers Gutiérrez Mendoza Eimer, John Contreras Lobo, John Joya Delgado, Germán Medina Delgado and Wilson Correa Castillo... Read more

21-May-11 HP-1683 Robinson R44 Pacific Ocean off Colombia

Tuna spotting helicopter crashed into the sea.  Condition of pilot (named Rodriguez) unknown... Read more

09-May-11 HK-4718 Bell 206L-3 Puerto Wilches, Colombia

5 passengers and 2 crew members who were injured and were airlifted by helicopters of the Armed Forces to hospitals in Bucaramanga and Barrancabermeja... Read more

07-Mar-11 FAC-4506 Bell UH-1 Melgar, Colombia (5F)

Air-to-air with FAC-4501, killing 5 in this helicopter. Air force Capt. Juan Jose Orjuela, Mexican Lt. Dante Herrera Alarcon, Lt. Manuel Alberto Cuspoca, technician John Mario Diaz Llanos and technician Felipe Pava Rodriguez were killed in the accident.... Read more

07-Mar-11 FAC-4501 Bell UH-1 Melgar, Colombia

Air-to-air accident with FAC-4506.  No fatalities in this helicopter.  Crew listed as Captain Jorge Eduardo Estrada Olivares (Army Pilot), Lt Ivan Camilo Gonzalez Rada (Student Army), Lt Hugo Estrada Lopez (Mexican Student) and First Technical Luis Carlos Castro (Crew FAC)... Read more

18-Feb-11 HK-4594 Bell B206B Galán Rio Negro, Colombia (4F)

Brig. Gen. Alfredo Bocanegra Navia, the 48-year-old commander of the army’s 5th Brigade, and his aides (Lt. John Alexander Salcedo, Pvt. German Alfonso Ortiz) were traveling from brigade headquarters in Bucaramanga, Santander’s capital, to the town of Aguachica in neighboring Cesar province.  Civilian pilot Jaime Landinez was also killed... Read more

13-Nov-10 Bell 412 Trujillo, Colombia (3F)

Weather was reported as poor. The helicopter was piloted by Captains Israel Vega Castillo and Ernesto Carranza Domínguez, and flight technical Concepción Valdés Carrillo. Registration wrongly reported in press as XU-ANI which is not a Mexican registration (we expect XA- prefix)... Read more

20-Apr-10 HK-3262 Bell 222UT Chaparral, Colombia (3F)

Air-to-Air accident with military UH-1... Read more

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