Accidents Costa Rica

18-Oct-19 TI-AZM Bell UH-1H Talamanca, Costa Rica

Two on board not seriously injured and named as Tony Monge and Cristián Goncalves... Read more

19-May-15 MSP-012 MD Helicopters MD500E Talamanca, Costa Rica

Emergency landing due to poor weather ended up in minor damage for the helicopter after pilot Sebastián Gadea Castro put the helicopter down into vegetation during an anti-drug flight.  Photos show all five blades intact, but cabin and tail in direct contact with vegetation and boom slightly bent near gearbox.  5 POB safely exited the... Read more

03-Feb-14 MSP-013 MD Helicopters MD500E Cartago, Costa Rica

General media reported that pilot had tail rotor issue on take-off, and helicopter started to spin out of control.  In subsequent heavy landing, helicopter rolled over onto its side.  3 POB to hospital – pilot Allon Francisco Herrera, 56, the copilot, Gadea Sebastian Castro, 27, and an official of the Election Authorities, Adriana Solis Vega, 26... Read more

01-May-09 TI-BBT Bell B206 nr Cerro Chirripo mountain, Costa Rica (2F)

1-May-09 TI-BBT Bell B206 nr Cerro Chirripo mountain, Costa Rica... Read more

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