Accidents Denmark

13-May-17 D-HHFW Bell 206B Hirtshals, Denmark

While being transported, the trailer carrying the helicopter started to fishtail from the towing vehicle – causing the helicopter to work free of the straps/cables holding it in place, and the trailer finally turned over, causing significant damage to the helicopter... Read more

05-Sep-14 OY-HRG Robinson R44 Samsoe Sea, Denmark (4F)

Helicopter ditched.  Three bodies recovered, fourth not found and presume drowned. Owner/pilot was billionaire Michael Henriksen of MH Gruppen, which specialises in container shipping.  Another name published was that of Morten Friis, an executive in Norrecco, also part of MH Gruppen.  Volvo Trucks Denmark named the other two as their CEO Søren Wettergreen and Sales... Read more

05-Sep-14 N60JD Robinson R44 Roeselare, Belgium (2F)

Crashed shortly after take-off into the car park of a football stadium.  Post crash fire.  The two deceased were named as Lieven Ghekiere and Johan Deceuninck Note – despite being registered in the US, this helicopter has been based in Belgium... Read more

21-Mar-11 AgustaWestland AW101 Aalborg, Denmark

Stranded on hospital helipad after APU failure, fixed next day... Read more

20-Jan-11 P-090 Eurocopter AS550C2 Silkeborg, Denmark

One of the Air Force Fennec helicopters struck Thursday two electrical wires near Klovborg. The helicopter’s wire cutter entured that it carried on flying, but the pilot landed immediately as a precaution, following standard procedures. No persons were injured.... Read more

3-Apr-09 OY-HHH Robinson R22B2 Billund Airport, Denmark

3-Apr-09 OY-HH# Robinson R22B2 Billund Airport, Denmark... Read more

27-Sep-08 OY-HFC Robinson R22 Kirke SÃ¥by, Denmark (1F)

Crashed on a sports field, killing the pilot.  Photos show helicopter upright, but significant vertical forces have collapsed the skids and the base of the cabin has has good contact with the ground.  Fire on impact.  Passenger survivied.... Read more

17-Jun-08 OY-HPH Robinson R22 Billund Airport, Denmark

Contacted trees on training flight.  Landed upright, but tail rotor and tail separated from aircraft... Read more

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