Accidents Dominican Republic

22-Nov-18 N124ML Airbus H120 La Romana, Dominican Republic (5F)

The aircraft took off from Río San Juan to La Romana Int’l airport MDLR with 5 peoples on board, after been transfer to the La Romana tower he reported 6 miles NW out and the tower report with the traffic inside, Clear to land. Around 30 seconds after the controller lost the visual contact with... Read more

24-Nov-15 N355RH Airbus AS350BA Las Charcas, Dominican Republic

As a result of a forced landing, the aircraft fell on a banana plantation and suffered substantial damage. Pilot named in this article as Lieutenant Colonel Harold Jimenez of the Army of the Dominican Republic... Read more

02-Sep-15 N146AE Airbus AS350B2 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Helicopter crashed into the roof of a house, injuring a female asleep in the house as well as sole-occupant pilot Oliver Gutiérrez... Read more

10-Oct-14 Bell OH-58 Pedernales, Dominican Republic

Army helicopter with 4 POB.  Tail boom chopped off just forward of the stabilizer, and at the root attachment.  One of those on board was reported to be Major General José Matos de la Cruz, chief of the Army, who was unharmed.  The other three on board – including director of Military Intelligence, Hichi Mercedes... Read more

27-Apr-13 N305SJ Sikorsky S76B Constanza, Dominican Republic

While landing at 5000 ft MSL with 2 crew and 5 pax, the helicopter landed hard and rolled over.  Two slight injuries and plus injuries to one on the ground from debris.  Pilot reported as Manolito Vela... Read more

28-Mar-13 HI-865 Robinson R44 Cotui, Dominican Republic

Pilot Franklin Holguín Sandoval smelt burning and made successful autorotation landing. Shortly after leaving the aircraft it was engulfed in flames and burnt out. Solo pilot was uninjured.... Read more

04-Oct-12 N646GE Eurocopter AS365N2 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Main blades hit hangar when trying to taxi through too narrow a gap on the ramp. Pilot named as Fidel Báez – no injuries reported to 2 crew and 1 tech on board. Flying debris went more than 300 ft damaging 3 other aircraft.... Read more

09-Jan-11 N926MF Bell 427 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Crew reported as pilot Osvaldo Perez Feliz and copilot Mario Rivas, neither badly hurt.  The helicopter is often used privately by  Dominican Republic opposition leader, Miguel Vargas, and was only 1.5 miles out from 1.5 miles from Higüero Airport on a flight to La Romana to pick him up.... Read more

28-May-09 N878EE Enstrom F480 near Guaymate, La Romana province, Dominican Republic (2F)

28-May-09 N878EE Enstrom F480 near Guaymate, La Romana province, Dominican Republic... Read more

2-Feb-09 HI-555 Bell OH-58 , Dominican Republic

2-Feb-09 HI-555 Bell OH-58 , Dominican Rep... Read more

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