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27-Oct-15 Al-Maya, Libya (18F)

A helicopter carrying two senior officers allied to Libya’s Islamist-backed Tripoli government was shot down in the Al-Maya coastal region west of Tripoli, killing at least 14 of its 23 passengers, a Tripoli military official said.  A later report then raised the figure to 18... Read more

12-Feb-14 Mil Mi-35 Essider, Libya (5F)

Unknown circumstances.  Took 4 days to find wreckage of this missing helicopter... Read more

04-Jul-13 Mil Mi-35 Benghazi, Libya (2F)

It is though the crash was caused by human error during a particularly daring manoeuvre.  2 killed, 1 seriously injured... Read more

12-Apr-12 8335 Mil Mi-8 Murzuq, Libya

Crashed on take-off from Murzuq airport, landing on a rail track.  Possibly due to overloading – reported as 25 POB with two injured to hospital.  On board were members of the reconciliation and civil peace team  including Third Deputy Prime Minister Haramain Mohammed al-Haramain, Minister of Local Government Mohammad Hashemi Harari, one of the chiefs of military... Read more

21-Jun-11 Lockheed MQ-8 Libya

The UAV was delivering intelligence data from about 5,000-7,000 ft. as expected, and there was no immediate sign of a command and control problem or mechanical malfunction, a program source says. This may mean it was shot down.... Read more

09-Apr-11 854 Mil Mi-24 Brega region, Libya (3F)

Shot down by pro-Gadaffi troops.  A second helicopter was also shot down and has a separate entry in HeliHub accident data... Read more

09-Apr-11 Brega region, Libya

A seconed helicopter (not MI-24 serial 854, reported in another entry) reported shot down by pro-Gadaffi troops... Read more

05-Apr-11 G-BMCX Eurocopter AS332L Misurata, Libya

Helicopter damaged in hangar as a result of the local unrest in the country.  Date is approximate, not confirmed.  Helicopter returned to UK October 2012 showing damage to be superficial only.... Read more

06-Mar-11 Mil Mi-24 Ras Lanuf, Libya

Libyan Air Force helicopter shot down by rebels and fell into the sea... Read more

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