Accidents Pakistan

26-Dec-20 (tba) Airbus H125 Minimarg, Pakistan (4F)

Helicopter was involved in an operation to evacuate the body of a shaheed soldier, Abdul Qadeer The four on board were named here as Pilot Major M. Hussain, Co Pilot Maj Ayaz Hussain, Naik Inzimam Alam and Sepoy Muhammad Farooq. No details on cause of accident... Read more

06-Aug-15 Mil Mi-17 Lassan Nawab, Pakistan (12F)

The helicopter, involved in medical evacuation work after recent floods, was en route from Rawalpindi to Gilgit when it crashed near Lassan Nawab. Local media reported that weather was a contributory factor, and noted that there was a post-crash fire. The deceased were named as Major Humayun (Pilot), Major Muzammil (Pilot), Major Shahzad (Doctor), Major... Read more

06-Aug-15 Mil Mi-17 Khot, Pakistan

Pakistan Air Force helicopter, engaged in relief and rescue efforts, crashed in the Khot area of upper Chitral, injuring several people. Media reports say the blades hit a tree, un-stablilising the helicopter on take=off, and it subsequently hit a house and crashed.... Read more

02-May-15 Mil Mi-17 Kohat, Pakistan

Damaged after hitting container (some reports say “hit barrier”) during landing phase.  2 POB injured, not seriously... Read more

25-Jun-14 Bell AH-1F Multan, Pakistan (2F)

Crashed on a night flying training mission.  2 POB Killed, and they were named here as Major Yasir and Captain Murtaza... Read more

07-Apr-14 Mil MI-17 Kalat, Pakistan

Helicopter down – unclear from press reports if damaged or not.  All crew and passengers reported safe... Read more

21-Feb-14 Chakri, Pakistan

Emergency landing on training flight... Read more

28-Oct-13 Bell AH-1 Gujranwala, Pakistan

Pilot and co-pilot critically injured in AH-1 accident... Read more

03-May-13 Wazirabad, Pakistan

Two seat helicopter on routine training flight... Read more

23-May-12 Schweizer S300 Wazirabad, Pakistan (2F)

Helicopter crashed into a river on a training flight.  Student pilot Captain Shmer and instructor Major Zahid Bari missing, presumed dead due to the fast flow rate of the river. Update – student’s body recovered some days later.  Helicopter type confirmed from 26s in to this video... Read more

05-Apr-12 Dera Allahyar, Pakistan

Helicopter carrying Interior Minister Rehman Malik and others had developed a technical fault and it had to make an emergency landing in Dera Allahyar.... Read more

03-Apr-12 Ghallanai, Pakistan

Helicopter crashed while landing at the Civil Colony in Ghallanai.  Major General Nadir Zeb, Brigadier Aftab Ahmed, Brigadier Saeed Khan, Colonel Fazl-e Rabbi and Major Abbas of the paramilitary Frontier Corps all sustained injuries.  Taliban disputed report and said they shot it down.... Read more

20-Sep-11 Nusrat Darra, Pakistan

Pakistani military commander slightly injured after his helicopter was shot at twice from the ground.  Landed safely... Read more

09-Aug-11 Mil Mi-17 Sargodha, Pakistan

Emergency landing after fire in tail.    The airfield is based to 82 Sqn which flies Alouette IIIs, and no other helicopters based.  We realise other aircraft can visit, of course!... Read more

01-Jun-11 2025 Bell 206L LongRanger Layyah, Pakistan (5F)

Crashed into Indus or Sindh River en route to Peshawar, and poor weather reported.  Five people on board including Major-General Mohammad Nawaz, director general of the Punjab Rangers along with two Captains and one Colonel.... Read more

01-May-11 Sikorsky UH-60 Abbottabad, Pakistan

One US Army helicopter crashed during the 40 minute US navy seal operation to kill or capture Osama bin Laden. No one was hurt.  Local reports quote the time as “late on Sunday night”.  Three other helicopters involved in this operation.  Some reports say it crashed after being shot at from the ground... Read more

20-Apr-11 Nawab Shah, Pakistan (6F)

One source said the helicopter was carrying military and army personnel. All six on board killed... Read more

10-Mar-11 Eurocopter AS550U2 Islamabad, Pakistan

All the three crew members aboard a military helicopter survived when it crashed Thursday morning in the southern part of Pakistan’s capital Islamabad near Burma Bridge... Read more

01-Oct-10 Manchhar Lake, Sindh province, Pakistan

Working for UN World Food Program, helicopter had heavy landing injuring 3 of 13 occupants.... Read more

03-Jul-09 Mil Mi-17 Chapper Farozkhel, Pakistan (26F)

3-Jul-09 Mil Mi-17 Chapper Farozkhel, Pakistan... Read more

7-May-09 Salanvali Road, Sargodha, Punjab, Pakistan

7-May-09 Salanvali Road, Sargodha, Punjab, Pakistan... Read more

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