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11-Nov-20 HB-ZVN Guimbal G2 Sion, Switzerland

Landed too close to the parked Bell 505 HB-ZYN, striking and breaking its tail fin.  This helicopter, with student and instructor, then crashed from a lower hover, breaking its skids and damaging its boom close to the fenestron (which ended up approx 90 degrees twisted on the boom axis)... Read more

11-Nov-20 HB-ZYN Bell 505 Sion, Switzerland

Tail broken off while parked after Guimbal G2 Cabri HB-ZVN landed too close... Read more

03-Dec-18 HB-ZCM Airbus AS350 Arbedo-Castione, Switzerland

After a collision with a high-voltage power line, the pilot made an emergency landing in a nearby meadow  beside the road that connects Castione to Claro... Read more

13-May-17 HB-ZTM Airbus AS350B2 Kandersteg, Switzerland (1F)

During landing phase, helicopter fell on its port side, killing the pilot.  3 of the 5 passengers were slightly injured.  Pilot named in prelim accident report as Schweizer Bürger... Read more

28-Apr-17 HB-XXM Airbus SE3160 Steffisburg, Switzerland

After hearing a loud noise at an altitude of 3500ft, the pilot commenced autorotation and landed in a field without further apparent damage.  Once on the ground, damage was found to a tail rotor control cable... Read more

21-Sep-15 HB-ZGP Airbus SA315B Wolfenschiessen, Switzerland

During an aerial transport, the crew wanted to land near the station of the Bannalp cableway to pick up a container deposited there. During the approach, the helicopter’s tail rotor came in contact with a cable of a small transport cableway. The pilot was able to land the helicopter.... Read more

14-Jul-15 HB-ZIS Airbus AS350B3 Guggigletscher, Switzerland (1F)

Pilot, the only occupant, killed in crash of Air Glaciers helicopter at Guggigletscher nr Lauterbrunnen.   Helicopter came down vertically and the cabin area burnt out.  Tail boom, tail , stabiliser and tail rotors all remain attached.... Read more

29-Jun-15 HB-ZRY AgustaWestland AW109SP Amden, Switzerland

Blades broke telephone line.  Pilot named in report as Schweizer Bürger... Read more

11-Jun-15 HB-ZOA Guimbal G2 Cabri Gruyère, Switzerland

During autorotation practice,  the main rotor blades contacted the tail boom after the helicopter bounced off the ground in a heavy landing... Read more

26-Feb-15 HB-ZRV AgustaWestland AW109SP Erstfeld, Switzerland

Heavy landing on return to base, remained upright but wheels collapsed.  All 4 POB to hospital, although one released soon after.... Read more

11-Feb-15 HB-ZIG Airbus AS350B3 Guttannen, Switzerland

Rotorstrike during landing phase, helicopter ended up on its side.  No serious injuries to 4 POB... Read more

22-Dec-14 HB-ZMQ Robinson R44 Zurich, Switzerland

Shortly after take-off, the helicopter contacted the ground again and fell onto its starboard side.  Private pilot had rented helicopter from Heli-Zuri for a flight to Ticino.  Final confirmation required on reg... Read more

02-Aug-14 HB-YJS Revolution Mini 500 Yverdon, Switzerland

Damanged in uncontrolled landing – registration cancelled the following month suggests that the helicopter will not be rebuilt.... Read more

24-Jan-14 HB-ZHZ Eurocopter SA315B Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

Crew injured alighting from helicopter in snowy conditions... Read more

21-Dec-13 HB-ZLN Eurocopter AS350B3e Elm, Switzerland

Tail hit ground on final approach, and helicopter rolled onto its side.  2 of 5 POB seriously injured... Read more

07-Dec-13 HB-ZGM Robinson R44 Belpberg, Switzerland

Helicopter landed in a field with light snow covering.  Main blades badly bent and rotor mast at an angle.  Fuselage, boom and tail appear near normal situation.  The pilot and three passengers were uninjured.... Read more

26-Sep-13 HB-ZIX Eurocopter EC120 Schwyz, Switzerland

Helicopter landed close to building, and two passengers alighted.  On take-off, the main blades hit the building, causing both of the recently alighted passengers and the pilot to be injured.  The pilot’s 12 year old son on board was unharmed.... Read more

13-Jul-13 HB-ZLJ Guimbal Cabri Wichtrach, Switzerland

Emergency autorotation landing in cornfield.  Photo suggests minimal or no damage.... Read more

06-Jul-13 HB-ZDI Robinson R22B Altishofen, Switzerland

Uncontrolled sideways movement on training flight and fell onto its side... Read more

01-Jul-13 HB-ZMO Eurocopter AS350B3e Erstfeld, Switzerland (4F)

Clear skies, pilot experienced in the area (visited 3-4 times a week) but AS350B3e went down with four fatalities.  Post crash fire.  Wide debris field with tailboom 20+m away not touched by the fire (see photo)... Read more

29-Jun-13 HB-XSO Eurocopter AS350B2 Personico, Switzerland (4F)

Main blades clipped rock in low hover, and subsequent crash landing killed all four POB – part named here as  pilot Davide B. (62), its passengers Daniele C. (43), Lauro S. (56) and F. Severino (63)... Read more

08-May-13 HB-ZFO Robinson R44 Glärnischfirn, Switzerland

Very heavy landing on snow at 2,500m (8,200ft) altitude.  Helicopter ended up on its side with the tail boom broken.  Minor injuries to the 73-year old pilot and his wife/passenger... Read more

27-Apr-13 D-HMGD MD Helicopters MD500E Grenchen, Switzerland

Rotorwash from departing EC135 HB-ZJE caused blades on parked MD500E D-HMGD to strike and damage tail boom.  Pilot of EC135 listed as Schweizer Bürger... Read more

27-Apr-13 HB-ZJE Eurocopter EC135P1 Grenchen, Switzerland

Rotorwash from departing EC135 HB-ZJE caused blades on parked MD500E D-HMGD to strike and damage tail boom.  Pilot of EC135 listed as Schweizer Bürger... Read more

20-Dec-12 HB-RXC Bell UH-1H Rüthi, Switzerland

Pilot decided for an emergency landing.  Heavy landing, bounced up into the air and back down on its side. Main rotor mast incl. gear box were separated from fuselage and found 10m from wreckage.  All 4 POB safe, left wreckage by themselves and to hospital.  One minor hand injury.... Read more

18-Sep-12 HB-ZJO Eurocopter AS350B3 Vallemaggia, Switzerland (1F)

Helicopter crashed in mountainous region, killing the sole occupant pilot.  There was a post-crash fire.... Read more

24-May-12 HB-XPQ Agusta-Bell 206B Eggschwand, Switzerland (3F)

Helicopter crashed following a wire strike and caught fire in remote mountainous area.  Three fatalities.... Read more

11-May-12 HB-ZCM Eurocopter AS350B3 Camorino, Switzerland

Crew member suffered serious head injuries when “releasing the transport line” (literal translation).  Investigation ongoing, few details.... Read more

21-Mar-12 HB-ZKK Eurocopter AS350B3 Claridenfirn, Switzerland

Helicopter landing on snow ended up on its starboard side.  2 of 6 POB had minor injuries... Read more

07-Nov-11 HB-ZGI Eurocopter AS350B3 Artez, Switzerland

Main blades clipped rock while filming at low level.  Landed heavily and awkwardly on skids on a road.... Read more

28-Jun-11 HB-ZMD Robinson R44 II Herisau, Switzerland

Landing accident on open grass area and ended up on port side.  29 year old front seat passenger to hospital.  38 year old pilot uninjured, as were the rear passengers – 69 year old man and 26 year old woman.... Read more

19-May-11 HB-ZAM Eurocopter AS350B2 Niederösch, Switzerland

Training flight, crashed from low hover of three metres... Read more

30-Mar-11 T-341 Eurocopter AS532UL Maderanertal, Switzerland

Training flight out of Alpnach.  Loadmaster slightly injured, two pilots seriously injured.... Read more

17-Feb-11 HB-ZHI Eurocopter AS350B2 Diablerets glacier, Switzerland

Heliski operation.  All six occupants airlifted to hospital in Sion.... Read more

18-Jan-11 HB-ZKL Robinson R22 Chatel, Switzerland

Pilot Jean Marcel Grillet Aubert seriously injured, Passenger (unnamed) not injured... Read more

11-Nov-10 HB-XYI Schweizer 300 Lanzenhäusern, Switzerland

Helicopter suffered a heavy landing in a field, skids compacted and tail hit the ground. Cabin was untouched.... Read more

21-Aug-09 HB-XZN Robinson R22 Weienbrunnen, Switzerland

21-Aug-09 HB-XZN Robinson R22 Weienbrunnen, Swizerland... Read more

1-Jul-09 V-277 Eurocopter SA316 nr Biasca, Switzerland

1-Jul-09 V-277 Eurocopter SA316 nr Biasca, Switzerland... Read more

9-Apr-09 HB-ZGR Robinson R22 Bern-Belp, Switzerland

9-Apr-09 HB-ZGR Robinson R22 Bern-Belp, Switzerland... Read more

8-Mar-09 HB-ZEI Eurocopter AS350B3 Wildhorn, Switzerland

8-Mar-09 HB-ZEI Eurocopter AS350B3 Wildhorn, Swizerland... Read more

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