Accidents Syria

22-Mar-15 2393 Mil Mi-14PL Jabal al-Zawiya, Syria (1F)

Pilot carried out an “emergency landing due to technical failure”. Four occupants were captured by opposition fighters, one crew member was shot by his captors and the fait of a sixth crew member is unknown.  Registration confirmed from this YouTube video... Read more

26-Dec-12 Mil Mi-8 Mazzeh, Syria

The Free Syrian Army claims to have shot down a helicopter over Mazzeh Mlitary Airport as it was shelling a residential area... Read more

27-Nov-12 Mil Mi-17 Aleppo, Syria

Syrian AF Mi-17 was hit by surface to air missile, continued flying but crashed minutes later.  Two YouTube clips show situation – see this one first, then this one.  Casualties unknown... Read more

16-Nov-12 Mil Mi-17 Al-Ghota Al-Sharqeya, Syria (5F)

Syrian rebels claim to have shot down a Mi-17 helicopter... Read more

17-Oct-12 Mil Mi-17 Maarat AL Numan, Syria

Helicopter shot down by missile.  Casualties unknown... Read more

05-Oct-12 Mil Mi-8 East Ghouta, Syria (4F)

Helicopter shot down by rebel forces, and burned out on the ground... Read more

20-Sep-12 Damascus, Syria

Helicopter crashed after being shot down by rebels... Read more

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