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31-Dec-20 J-1902 Sikorsky UH-60M Istanbul, Turkey

After landing, and while taxying to be refuelled, a manoeuvre resulted in the tail hitting a lighting tower.  This caused the helicopter to spin on the ground, during which the main blades then hit the tower too.  Video of incident here.... Read more

11-Feb-19 Bell UH-1 Çekmeköy, Turkey (4F)

Helicopter crashed into a residential area, and is the second fatal UH-1 accident in the Istanbul metropolis in three months – the other one was on 26th November 2018 at Sancaktepe. The Turkish defence ministry named the four fatalities in their tweet as  Pilot Captain Umit Ozer, Captain Semih Ozcan, Petty Officer Sergeant Ilyas Kaya and... Read more

26-Nov-18 Bell UH-1 Sancaktepe, Turkey (4F)

A Turkish military UH-1 has crashed in the Sancaktepe district of Istanbul, with four fatalities and a fifth person with serious injuries... Read more

31-May-17 Airbus AS532 Uludere, Turkey (13F)

Crashed after hitting high voltage wires shortly after take-off (one report says three minutes after take off).  All 13 POB deceased.  DHA news agency is reported as saying the helicopter was carrying a delegation, headed by a major-general, which was inspecting the Senoba region. All 13 POB deceased, named as 23rd Border Division Command Major... Read more

12-Oct-14 Sikorsky SH-60 Kartepe, Turkey (4F)

Turkish Navy Black Hawk had controlled flight into terrain in poor weather.  All 4 POB killed... Read more

17-Dec-13 Sikorsky UH-60 Gölbaşı, Turkey (4F)

Hit high voltage line and crashed on post-maintenance test flight accident, killing all four on board.  The identities of the fatalities were given as as Pilot Major Ahmet Duman, Lt. Pilot Emre Acar, and aircraft technicians and first sergeants Erdinç Salkım and Hüseyin Ulucan... Read more

03-Aug-13 Bell UH-1 Izmir, Turkey

Emergency landing at Izmir Ataturk Stadium after suspected engine problems... Read more

10-Nov-12 Sikorsky S70 Bilgili, Turkey (17F)

Controlled flight into terrain in poor visibility.  All 17 aboard killed... Read more

09-Aug-12 RA-31596 Kamov Ka32 Koycegiz, Turkey (5F)

Firefighting helicopter impacted terrain, killing 5 including three Russian citizens named as Alexander Gavrilov, Nikolai Atepalikhin and Sergey Khorokhorin... Read more

22-Jul-12 Sikorsky UH-60 Daglica, Turkey (4F)

UH=-60 of Turkey’s paramilitary police crashed in Kurdish border region killing 4.  A further 8 survived (other reports differ on number of survivors).  One reported said it lost power while landing... Read more

16-May-12 G-CCWJ Robinson R44 Nallihan, Turkey

Very heavy landing which caused the main blades to snap 30cm from the root.  It would appear that rotor rpm decayed to the extent it fell vertically out of the sky.  Skids splayed out, mast damaged but tail boom appears unscathed... Read more

03-Oct-11 Bell UH-1 Mardin province, Turkey

One serious and two minor injuries to the 3 POB... Read more

20-May-11 Eurocopter SA318C Istanbul, Turkey (4F)

Four of five occupants killed when helicopter crashed into Istanbul Strait.  Pilot, and commander of the Police Aviation Unit, Kemal Ozdemir survived the accident by swimming to safety.  Other passengers were Branch Director of Information Technology Ragip Ali Bilgen and his son, Marine, with a strong second pilot Murat Güçlü and Oray Sarıçay’ın who worked... Read more

06-Apr-11 TC-HET Eurocopter EC155B1 Orhangazi, Turkey (1F)

EC155 came down in wooded area of a mountainous region.  Foggy conditions reported.  One fatality, two injured.  The three were Jesus Light,  Ahmet Deniz, and Hadji Ahmed Maples.... Read more

10-Jan-11 Bell UH-1H Polatli, Turkey (5F)

Television stations cited the military as saying officials had reached the wreckage, but fog covered the area.  It was a Bell UH-1 on a night training mission... Read more

10-Jun-10 (Serial TBA) Sikorsky UH-60 Tokat Province, Turkey (4F)

Local press reports seem undecided whether there were 3 or 4 or 5 fatalities... Read more

18-Jun-09 ER-KGA Kamov Ka32T Mugla Province, Turkey (2F)

18-Jun-09 ER-KGA Kamov Ka32T Mugla Province, Turkey... Read more

25-Mar-09 TC-HEK Bell B206L4 Haci Omerli, Turkey (6F)

25-Mar-09 TC-HEK Bell B206L4 Haci Omerli, Turkey... Read more

07-Mar-09 Bell AH-1 Buyukcaylak region of Pinarbasi town in Kayseri province, Turkey (2F)

7-Mar-09 Bell AH-1 Buyukcaylak region of Pinarbasi town in Kayseri province, Turkey... Read more

31-Jan-09 SP-HDV Eurocopter EC135T2 near Mudurnu, Turkey (2F)

31-Jan-09 SP-HDV Eurocopter EC135T2 near Mudurnu, Turkey... Read more

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