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20-Jan-21 YV200T MD Helicopters MD500E Guanare, Venezuela (4F)

Helicopter impacted lake.  All four POB died in the accident.  When the helicopter was recovered, one blade was missing and the tail boom had been sliced off.  Pilot named in this report as Elio Marcaccio while passengers Moisés Selvi and Euclides Quintero, and a unnamed 14 year-old were added from this report... Read more

04-Feb-19 Mil Mi-24 El Pao, Venezuela

The helicopter crashed during a military training exercise. Five occupants were injured – named here as Reynaldo Niño Lozano, Javier Enrique Ocanto Chinchilla, Juan Carlos Bohórquez Pérez, Yondry José Romero, and Michael Ibrahim... Read more

09-Sep-15 YV-2349 Bell 206B Curiapo, Venezuela

Pilot encountered some sort of issue and reportedly landed away from a built-up area by crashing into the Orinoco River.  That said, there apepars to have been more than that as the main blades and rotorhead are ripped off.  The 2 POB named as Ceylan Orestes Requena Piña and Rafael José Aguirre Aguilera were safe... Read more

23-Sep-14 YV-2537 Bell 206B Tumeremo, Venezuela (3F)

Crashed into heavy wooded area and wreckage not found until 05-Oct-14.  Pilot David Guerra had reported loss of power and autorotated into the jungle... Read more

23-May-13 PNB-8302 Eurocopter Bo105 Caracas, Venezuela (5F)

Crashed in low visibility while chasing a vehicle containing two hostages.  All five POB died.  Post crash fire... Read more

27-Nov-12 Eurocopter AS532 Liberator, Venezuela

Accident occurred when helicopter  went to rescue the crew of a Chinese K8 trainer jet which crashed during an air show.  One report suggests a parachute became tangled in the tail rotor... Read more

18-May-12 EV-0672 Mil Mi-17V5 San Felipe, Venezuela (4F)

Crashed on take off from an altitude of approx 10m on a training flight.  4 of 5 occupants killed – at least some from the Bolivian military, being trained in Venezuela.  One fatality named as Col. Oscar Martinez Mora.  Photo here shows the tail boom having been cut by the main rotors... Read more

18-Jan-12 YV1985 Bell 206L4 Canaima National Park, Venezuela (5F)

Tourist flight.  May be weather related.  Pilot named as Henry Francisco Viana Arias, with passengers Adriana Recao, Carlos Garmendia, Alvaro Trayer y Gerardo Barreto... Read more

15-Dec-11 YV-2717 Eurocopter Bo105 Puerto Ordaz, Venezuela (1F)

Crashed and burned in a residential area on a post maintenance test flight.  1 fatal from 2POB – Pilot Pedro Malaver survived and engineer Edsel Pachecho did not.... Read more

15-Oct-11 YVO126 Bell 412SP Santa Rosa, Venezuela

Crashed in wooded area after turning back due to weather.  7 POB – Pilot Óscar Cabrera, Co-pilot Ricardo Ortiz along with engineers Carlos Batista, Orber Godoni, Armando Sosa, Augusto Masias and Jose Guarimba.  One had second-degree burns and a fractured collarbone, all others had minor injuries only... Read more

23-Jul-11 Bell B412 Maracao, Venezuela (1F)

Crashed into trees on landing in a military compound.  Killed 1 on the ground and debris injured a further 22... Read more

31-Mar-11 YV-2414 Robinson R44 La Cascada, Venezuela

Crashed in pool below waterfall.  All four occupants survived – Pilot Daniel Arais and passengers Ricardo Ramirez, David Frais and Gustavo Perdomo... Read more

10-Feb-11 YV447A Bell 47G4A Moran, Venezuela (1F)

Crashed in mountainous region, pilot named as (José Gregorio Escalona) was killed in the impact... Read more

3-Jun-09 Santa Maria de Caparo, Venezuela

3-Jun-09 Bell B407 or B412 Santa Maria de Caparo, Venezuela... Read more

03-May-09 EV-08114 Mil Mi-17V5 El Alto de Rubio, Tachira State, Venezuela (17F)

3-May-09 EV-08114 Mil Mi-17V5 El Alto de Rubio, Tachira State, Venezuela... Read more

29-Mar-09 YV-196A Eurocopter SE313 nr Santa Rita, Venezuela

29-Mar-09 YV-196A Eurocopter SE313 nr Santa Rita, Venezuela... Read more

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