Laselec to display UV Laser Cable and Wire Marking at Heli-Expo

9-Feb-2010 Source: Laselec

LASELEC of France, a specialist in cable-marking equipment, will be displaying its range of UV laser wire-marking machines at international trade shows in 2010, including the Heli Expo in Houston from  February 20 to 23 and the AIME & MRO in Dubai from February 28 to March 1.
LASELEC is currently the only company on the market to offer two comprehensive and upgradeable ranges of UV laser wire-marking machines that meet the requirements of the aerospace, rail, rally and Formula One racing-car industries. LASELEC has also developed special equipment for the cable and wire industry, including the company’s latest machine – the highly advanced MT 200 inspection station.
The highly compact MT 200 marks cable samples using a UV laser, and then produces an analysis report. The machine is very simple to use and enables users to check the markability of the cable and carry out periodic controls during production. The machine is low maintenance with low operating costs. Its innovative technology ensures that it is highly reliable, perfectly complementing the company’s ULYS MODENA and MRO 200 series of wire markers.
Suitable for high to very-high production volumes, ULYS MODENA comes in a range of four models. The most powerful is the ULYS 990 Modena, which offers a level of productivity that is unequalled to date, thanks to its two lasers and user-friendly setup. For smaller production runs, LASELEC has designed the MRO 200 range of machines, which offer a compact design with excellent ergonomics at a very competitive price.
Direct marking with a UV laser, which has replaced heat-shrink sleeve application, offers the undeniable advantage of reducing the weight of the cabling. In turn, this reduction results in reduced weight for the appliances that are equipped with the cables. The elimination of sleeves and labels has led to the production of satellites as well as competition and rally vehicles that are much lighter. Rising energy costs have also made weight an extremely important factor, both for manufacturers and users.
Alongside its marking machines, LASELEC has also developed ranges of special-purpose equipment. For example, its COMET system checks the contrast of markings on cables and wires, while the MRO CUT offers the cable industry a comprehensive and automated solution for cutting cables and wires to a specified length. In addition to equipment for cable makers, LASELEC’s ULYS LINE range includes machines specially adapted to specific sectors, including the rail, off-shore, maritime and space industries. The range is also suitable for cables designed for industrial vehicles and top-of-the-range automobiles, as well as competition and rally vehicles, which have their own specific requirements.
LASELEC’s machines offer an excellent value for the money and also guarantee permanent and safe marking that is certified by all aircraft manufacturers and many Formula One and rally-car manufacturers – industrial sectors that are extremely demanding in terms of safety and quality. Moreover, LASELEC endeavors to offer machines tailored to all requirements: from reworking to job lots, batches, and standardized or very-high production runs.
LASELEC, which is certified ISO 9001: 2008, focuses on quality, which is guaranteed thanks to its total control of the design, production and maintenance of its machines.
LASELEC is a leading manufacturer of UV laser cable-marking machines. These machines enable permanent non-aggressive marking that is certified by aircraft manufacturers – an extremely demanding industry in terms of safety. The machines are suitable for use by all industrial sectors where safety requirements impose indelible non-aggressive marking for cable insulation.
The company offers an excellent productivity/price ratio, and has a range suited to every need, from re-work to the production of small, medium-sized, large or very large series. LASELEC’s end-to-end expertise of the design, production and maintenance of its machines enables it to provide cast-iron guarantees as to their quality.
LASELEC will take part in the following trade shows in 2010: Heli Expo, in Houston, Texas, from February 20 to 23; AIME & MRO, in Dubai (UAE), from February 28 to March 1; India Aviation, in Hyderabad, India, from  March 3 to 7; AEA, in Orlando, Florida, from  April 8 to 10; MRO, in London, from September 28 to 30; and NBAA, in Atlanta, Georgia, from October 19 to 21.

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