How to Submit News to

We welcome news items on – as you likely know from looking through our website. Here are some guidelines if your organisation does not already routinely submit press releases to

How to send your News

  • Send your press releases by email to moc/buhileh//swen
  • Send details of your website news RSS feed to moc/buhileh//swen
  • Before big events, send your press releases in the days ahead and state the story is under embargo – along with the date, time and timezone that we can publish it. We will then be able to load the story into our system ahead of the event (and the rush of many other stories) and ensure the story goes live exactly when you want. Often this would be timed to coincide with a press launch at the event itself.

What to send – The words

  • Press release text should ideally be in the body of the email, or attached in Word format.
  • Advertisements are not news items. If you send a “press release” that is really an advertisement in disguise, we are happy to consider it as a Sponsored Post
  • The HeliHub editorial team decision on what stories we run is final, and we will not enter in to discussion on such decisions.
  • NOTE: PDF format is not ideal as there is an enforced delay in extracting the text from the PDF document into a format we can use. Some methods of creating PDF format add a <Carriage Return> character at the end of every line, which adds to our work reformatting back into paragraphs.
  • NOTE: If you send press releases in multiple languages (yes, a few organisations already do this), have them as separate attached files. When we work with non-English texts, we use software to automatically translate to English – so if you send it to us in English and French in a single document, our software translates the French and we end up with two versions in English – and it takes time to then work out which is original English and which is translated from French.

What to send – The images

  • JPG Images should be minimum 2048 pixels wide. Any smaller than that and we are not going to represent your news images very well – and we are sure you want us to represent your organisation in the best way we can. It is worth considering that some organisations now routinely send us images over 5,000 pixels wide, and if an iPhone 6 can produce something over 3,000 pixels wide, we wonder why so many organisations waste time with images of 1024 pixels wide, or smaller?
  • NOTE: images sent embedded into a Word or PDF document are less helpful. not only does it take time to extract them from these documents, but it can also mean that clarity is lost in doing so due to the way PDFs are created. Original JPG images are perfect
  • NOTE: sending images in a ZIP file is a waste of your and our time – JPG is already a compressed format, so the saving in putting images into a ZIP is negligible
  • You may find it easier sending images/videos via an online link to Dropbox, Box, WeTransfer or similar

What to send – The videos

  • If you have a video to embed in a press release, we strongly advise you use a standard hosting platform such as YouTube or Vimeo
  • Then just send us the link to the video on the host site and we will embed it into the news post for you
  • You may find it easier sending images/videos via an online link to Dropbox, Box, WeTransfer or similar

Tips to help us help you

  • A gallery page of high quality large images (see above) on your website is great help and we will often use more than one image per story (yes, we know that some of our competitors avoid using images altogether!)
  • A high quality (minimum 1024 pixel width) corporate logo in JPG format is also most useful
  • No ZIP files
  • No PDF files

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can we submit articles that are not “time sensitive news”? Yes – see Sponsored Posts
  2. Do you really work by Embargo date/time/timezones? Absolutely – but we are aware of competitors of ours who ignore embargoes, so we understand your concern in raising this question.
  3. Can we request a interview? Yes – we can do face-to-face interviews, or by phone, Zoom, WhatsApp video, Facetime. Email moc/buhileh//swen with your request in the first instance.
  4. Do you run profiles of organisations which have been published elsewhere? Yes, but we only run a one sentence summary and a link to the external published profile. This is due to Copyright restrictions.
  5. Do you accept press releases in languages other than English? Of course, but be aware that we do not have an army of translators, so we routinely use a respected online translator and add an “Electronic translation” note at the start of the news item


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