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01-Dec-22 N919PD Bell 429 Queens, US-New York

Police officer injured in 15-20 foot fall from helicopter after grabbing a rappelling rope that was not sufficiently secured.  Video here... Read more

27-Nov-22 HL…. Sikorsky S58T Yangyang, Korea (5F)

Five people lost their lives when a helicopter crashed into a heavily wooded area during a fire reconnaissance flight. Those killed included the 71-year-old pilot and a 54-year-old mechanic, who were initially believed to be the only two people on board.  Rescue workers later found three more bodies – one of a person in their 20s... Read more

27-Nov-22 RA-07390 Robinson R66 Vyazovets, Russia (2F)

Two persons on board – named here as Alexander Kurylev (pilot) and his brother Dmitry – lost their lives in an accident on an evening flight... Read more

08-Oct-22 N5DF Bell 505 Fort Myers, US-Florida

Struck tower, causing helicopter to crash... Read more

08-Oct-22 N874BB Bell 505 Moab, US-Utah

Two occupants, both with minor injuries. Further details awaited... Read more

25-Jul-22 SX-HEJ Bell 407 Spata, Greece (1F)

22-year old British tourist (named here as Jack Fenton) received fatal injuries after being struck by the tail rotor after alighting from the helicopter. This report suggests that one of the other three passengers on the helicopter disputes the statement made by the head of the Greek aviation accident investigation board.... Read more

26-Jun-22 G-CIMZ Robinson R44 Chalvington, UK

The helicopter rolled over to the right on takeoff, probably because it had drifted right while the right skid was in contact with the ground. The helicopter was substantially damaged.... Read more

20-Jun-22 G-CJEK Guimbal G2 Burton in Lonsdale, UK (2F)

Helicopter accident near Burton in Lonsdale, details TBC.  North Yorkshire Police confirmed two fatalities.  Another report suggests accident occurred during approach/landing, and the presence of a scorched tree in this report indicates a fire occurred, but not whether it was cause or effect. Pilot/owner (named here as Ian Macdonald) had owned the helicopter from new... Read more

15-Jun-22 D-HOBY Hughes 500D Ellenz-Poltersdorf, Germany

During agricultural spraying operations, had accident and ended up on its starboard side In der Nähe von #Ellenz-Poltersdorf (Kreis #Cochem-Zell) ist soeben ein Spritzhubschrauber abgestürzt. Mehr auf Video: Jens Weber — Rhein-Zeitung (@RheinZeitung) June 15, 2022... Read more

09-Jun-22 I-ELOP Leonardo AW119 Mount Cusna, Italy (7F)

Crashed and completely burned out on Mount Cusna, Italy.  Wreckage found two days after reported overdue. All 7 on board suffered fatal injuries – named in this report as pilot Corrado Levorin, Turkish citizens Kenar Serhat, Cez Arif, Ilker Ucar, and Altug Erbil and Lebanese citizens Chadi Kreidy and Tarek Tayah. All six passengers were... Read more

07-Jun-22 N600TA Enstrom F28F Greenville, US-Ohio (2F)

Helicopter remained upright in heavy landing.  Fire reported.  One report states “Charles Zimmer, 34, the registered owner of the aircraft, was pulled to safety and treated at the scene before he was flown to Miami Valley Hospital with life-threatening injuries. His wife, Krista Zimmer, 35, was pronounced dead at the scene, he said.” Another report... Read more

07-Jun-22 N402SH Bell 407 Kona, US-Hawaii

Tourist flight, 6 POB all injured.  One airlifted to Kona Community Hospital, others by road A helicopter tour crashed on Wednesday in a lava field on Hawaii’s Big Island, injuring all six people on board — including two in serious condition, officials said. — FOX 7 Austin (@fox7austin) June 11, 2022  ... Read more

06-Jun-22 N94WC Robinson R44 Henderson, US-Texas

Training flight.  Helicopter ended up on its port side N94WC Helicopter Crash Henderson Texas — FSX Aviation (@FSXAviation3) June 7, 2022  ... Read more

08-Jun-22 Bell-Boeing MV-22B Glamis, US-California (5F)

Crashed and burnt out, all five on board received fatal injuries.  The deceased were named here as Capt. Nicholas P. Losapio; Capt. John J. Sax; Cpl. Nathan E. Carlson; Cpl. Seth D. Rasmuson; Lance Cpl. Evan A. Strickland.  The aircraft was operated by Marine Medium Tiltrotor (VMM) Squadron 364, based at MCAS Camp Pendleton.  VMM-364... Read more

04-Jun-22 N98ZA Bell 407 Caldwell, US-New Jersey

Heavily damaged in hard landing, pilot was only person on board and suffered serious injuries Pilot Injured In Helicopter Crash At Essex County Airport — Randolph Patch (@RandolphNJPatch) June 6, 2022    ... Read more

02-Jun-22 N91JK Bell HH-1H Reno, US-Nevada

Hard landing during a training mission.  Helicopter was recovered by a Nevada National Guard CH-47 Washoe County Sheriff's Office RAVEN helicopter experiences hard landing north of Reno — Washoe Sheriff (@WashoeSheriff) June 5, 2022  ... Read more

01-Jun-22 N239FW Bell OH-58A Tallahassee, US-Florida

Forced landing in a wooded area.  No injuries reported to 2 POB... Read more

31-May-22 N27574 Bell 206 Cameron, US-Texas

FAA: Crashed between hangars and runway while attempting to hover, ending up on its starboard side Cameron police confirm a helicopter crash occurred at Cameron Municipal Airport earlier this afternoon. Cameron Police Chief Lonnie Gosch said three people were on board and this could've been a training flight. Chief Gosch says Texas DPS is on... Read more

30-May-22 F-HMFA Airbus H125 Borse, France

During a flight between two construction sites, the pilot and the rear passenger, who was also a pilots, felt the helicopter sink to about thirty meters from the ground. The pilot decides not to attempt a recovery manoeuvre, given the presence of people on the ground near the landing area. The contact with the ground is... Read more

28-May-22 G-TIMO Airbus H120 Cuddesdon, UK

Helicopter ended up on its starboard side when landing on a grass tennis court.  All four POB safely out of the aircraft, two to hospital according to this report Update – location previously reported as “Denton”, the postal address of the location is Cuddesdon and thus we have updated the title Update 2 – Sources... Read more

27-May-22 I-PLLY Airbus SA318C Quargnento, Italy

Helicopter experienced difficulties shortly after take off.  All four POB seriously injured Wreckage airlifted the next day by the fire service Reparto volo dei #vigilidelfuoco di #Torino impegnato #oggi a Quargnento (AL) nella rimozione di un elicottero precipitato ieri pomeriggio — Vigili del Fuoco (@vigilidelfuoco) May 28, 2022  ... Read more

23-May-22 F-HCHB Airbus AS350B3 Rogoźnik, Poland

Emergency landing in lake while scooping water for firefighting work for a fire in the area of ​​Wymysłów. Helicopter ended up nearly fully submerged and inverted.  Sole occupant pilot safely left helicopter and was admitted to hospital... Read more

16-Apr-22 N808LF Airbus AS350B3 Phoenix, US-Arizona

Rotors running refuel – FBO attendant was pulling the grounding cable from the fuel truck and the cable struck the main rotor blades Helicopter operates as “Native Air 7” from a base at Payson, AZ  ... Read more

15-Apr-22 N7516G Robinson R22 Gila Bend, US-Arizona (1F)

FAA : crashed in unknown circumstances... Read more

12-Apr-22 N426DB Robinson R44 Calhoun, US-Georgia

Gusty conditions caused helicopter to drift and main rotor blades struck building, ending on its port side.  4 POB, no injuries reported Helicopter with children inside crashes into building in Calhoun, officials say — 13WMAZ News (@13wmaznews) April 13, 2022  ... Read more

05-Apr-22 N999FR Robinson R22 Seymour, US-Texas

During herding operation, pilot landed and exited the aircraft with the blades still turning.  Sufficient inertia in the rotor system caused the helicopter to fall onto its side... Read more

02-Apr-22 N7057L Hughes 269A Fort White, US-Florida

FAA: “Crashed into a field for unknown reasons”... Read more

26-Mar-22 N288L Robinson R44 Myrtle Beach, US-South Carolina

Attempting to land at helipad, but ended up landing in car park and rolled over into bushes... Read more

25-Mar-22 N514CD Robinson R44 Rowlett, US-Texas (2F)

Helicopter descended from the sky in multiple pieces – tail rotor gearbox area separated from the boom, and then the boom separated from the cabin area – see video 2 POB received fatal injuries.  Student pilot was named here as Ty Wallis, while the instructor was named here as Lora Trout... Read more

22-Mar-22 N44DQ Robinson R44 Howe, US-Idaho

FAA – Minor damage under unknown circumstances... Read more

17-Mar-22 N500MZ Hughes 500D Adair, US-Iowa

Experienced engine problems during low level powerline operations.  Landed hard, starboard skid collapsed and helicopter rolled onto its starboard side... Read more

15-Mar-22 N99676 Airbus AS350B Valdez, US-Alaska

Heli skiiing operation.  On final approach to pick up some skiiers, the helicopter impacted the snow and rolled over... Read more

12-Mar-22 N761AF Sikorsky S76D Texarkana, US-Texas

Tail strike on landing at hospital helipad... Read more

10-Mar-22 N456PA Guimbal G2 Waterloo, US-Iowa

Emergency landing in field. No damage reported... Read more

09-Mar-22 N162MW Airbus EC135P1 Lincoln, US-Nebraska

Bird strike.  2 POB, neither injured... Read more

07-Mar-22 N29VA Airbus EC145 Abingdon, US-Virginia

Engine issues while landing on a trolley at night, pilot lost control and impacted the ground... Read more

04-Mar-22 G-MCGY Sikorsky S92 Plymouth, UK (1F)

Police statement – Two members of the public were injured as a HM Coastguard helicopter was landing at the helipad at Derriford. One person is being treated for their injuries and remains in hospital. The second injured person, a local woman in her 80’s, (named here as Jean Langan, 87) has since died; their next of kin... Read more

03-Mar-22 N183PS Robinson R44 Titusville, US-Florida

Shortly after take-off from Space Coast Regional Airport in Titusville, an emergency landing was made in a parking lot of a self-storage business following loss of engine power. Helicopter was heading to Northeast Florida Regional Airport in St. Augustine No damage is evident from the poor press image Helicopter makes emergency landing in Titusville parking... Read more

01-Mar-22 N2191 Bell 407 Fort Worth, US-Texas

Autorotations to a taxiway, and damaged a taxiway light... Read more

01-Mar-22 N786SH Robinson R22 Fallston, US-Maryland

Hover taxiing, caught a skid and fell onto its side... Read more

22-Feb-22 N615CK Sikorsky S61N Kekaha, US-Hawaii (4F)

Under contract to the US Navy, the helicopter was providing retrieval support for a routine training operation when the crash happened. Brian Beattie, Croman director of operations, said the Sikorsky S-61N had just retrieved an object from the water and was trying to drop it on the ground when something went wrong. Post crash fire All... Read more

20-Feb-22 N521HB MD Helicopters MD520N Newport Beach, US-California (1F)

Law enforcement helicopter crashed into shallow water, severely injuring the pilot and killing the passenger – named in the Huntington Beach Police statement as Nicolas Vella. This tweet suggests it was spinning out of control prior to hitting the water Investigation continues into cause of fatal police helicopter crash in Newport Beach – KTLA Los... Read more

20-Feb-22 N544SB Robinson R44 Miami, US-Florida

Crashed into the water close to a busy beach.  Three POB were seriously injured, and were named here as Morgan Geller, Rachelle Mussary Arkin, and Robert Arkin This afternoon at 1:10 p.m., MBPD received a call of a helicopter crash in the ocean near 10 Street. Police and @MiamiBeachFire responded to the scene along with... Read more

19-Feb-22 N1342X Bell 47G4A Titusville, US-Florida

Hard landing in field.  No injuries to 2 POB... Read more

17-Feb-22 N929WA Robinson R44 White Plains, US-New York

Dynamic roll-over while attempting to land on a dolly.  No injuries to pilot, only person on board... Read more

16-Feb-22 N72297 Bell UH-1 Coalinga, US-California (1F)

Helicopter involved in agricultural ops crashed under unknown circumstances – sole occupant pilot received fatal injuries – named here as Steven Wilson, 53 🚁💨 Inquiry Begins Into Fatal Helicopter Crash Near Coalinga Federal investigators have begun an inquiry into what caused a helicopter to crash near Coalinga, killing pilot Steven Wilson, 53, of Shafter. Full... Read more

11-Feb-22 N1023V Bell 47G2 Fallon, US-Nevada

Helicopter incurred a tail strike and then crashed onto the roof of a hangar, ending up on its port side. FAA incorrectly reported this as a Bell 407, rather than a Bell 47 as is evident in this image N1023V was not currently registered at the time of the accident.  FAA data shows it de-registered... Read more

17-Jan-22 N167RL Bell 407 Houma, US-Louisiana (2F)

FAA “aircraft crashed in unknown circumstances” Press reports “Local authorities were notified of the crash before noon by a citizen who reported seeing the aircraft lose altitude and then saw a “big splash of mud,” Lafourche Parish President Archie Chaisson said during a news conference” The two fatalities were named here as 30-year-old Dylan Horn... Read more

11-Jan-22 N531LN Airbus EC135P2 Drexel Hill, US-Pennsylvania

Pilot reported difficulties while flying and made emergency landing in built-up area – it appeared to be circling at low level in this doorbell footage  All four on board, including a baby of 2 months old, got out without further injury. Air Methods statement : Today an Air Methods owned aircraft experienced an accident in... Read more

08-Jan-22 G-DAAS Airbus H145 Dartmoor, UK

Press release: Devon Air Ambulance’s H145 Helicopter, G-DAAS has been parked on the Derriford Hospital Helipad since the afternoon of Saturday 8 January. This is as a result of damage the aircraft sustained during a HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service) task on Dartmoor. The aircraft skid was damaged during the landing on the moor, probably as a... Read more

06-Jan-22 Bell AH-1Z Wrightstown, US-New Jersey

US DoD statement – A Marine Corps AH-1Z with Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron (HMLA) 773, Marine Aircraft Group 49, 4th Marine Aircraft Wing, Marine Forces Reserve, had a mishap at approximately 3:30 p.m. (EST) today in Wrightstown, N.J., outside Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst. There were no fatalities or civilian structure damage. Two personnel were on... Read more

06-Jan-22 G-OVNR Robinson R22 Denham, UK

Badly damaged in training accident... Read more

05-Jan-22 L170x MD Helicopters MD530F Hadath al-Jebbeh, Lebanon

Emergency landing after the soldiers on board heard a strange sound and they decided to make an emergency landing – the helicopter ended up on its side in a tree.  According to a press report, all on board of the helicopter are in good health. The Lebanese Army received six 530Fs from the US in... Read more

30-Dec-21 N8AU Bell 206B Livingston, US-Texas (1F)

1 fatal injury of the four on board when the helicopter came down on the edge of a wood nr Livingston.  Fatality named in this press report as  54-year-old Daniel King of Livingston while the survivors were named as pilot 73-year-old John Martin and passengers 26-year-old Braydon King and 23-year-old Brocton King At approximately 11:45... Read more

29-Dec-21 N544SC Robinson R44 Gatlinburg, US-Tennessee (1F)

Crashed east of Gatlinburg–Pigeon Forge Airport. Passenger Juli Wagner received fatal injuries and pilot Matthew Jones was 1 injured.  According to this press report, the U.S. Attorney’s office confirmed that Matthew Jones should not have been in Tennessee, or flying any aircraft, as he is facing a federal prosecution in Utah for mail fraud and... Read more

14-Dec-21 5146 Enstrom 480B Jiraprawat, Thailand (2F)

Crashed and burned out, with instructor and student receiving fatal injuries.  News reel shows one helicopter suddenly losing altitude in a long parade of 9+ helicopters.  One report indicates there was smoke was emanating from the helicopter while it was in flight. The fatalities were later named as Lt. Col. Panthong Banchongplaen, flight instructor and... Read more

14-Dec-21 N150AS Bell 407 LaPlace, US-Louisiana (1F)

Helicopter crashed on the eastbound carriageway of the Bonnet Carré Spillway Bridge on Interstate 10.  Aircraft was observed flying low, consistent with low cloud base and low visibility at the time.  Helicopter took out some powerlines, causing 20,000 people to be without electricity.  The helicopter was on fire post impact and completely burned out, as... Read more

14-Dec-21 N862YB Bell 407 Bridgeport, US-Texas

FAA – Training flight for power recovery practice.  Crashed over safety area on runway.  ... Read more

14-Dec-21 N8827F Hughes 269A Crowley, US-Texas

FAA: Pilot lost control while practicing on a private ranch, and rolled onto its side on landing.  No injuries reported to the 2 POB Helicopter is registered to an address in the town of the incident... Read more

13-Dec-21 N920PD Bell 429 New York, US-New York

Experienced engine issues in the hover, made a heavy landing damaging skids and underside of fuselage. New York Police Dept aircraft... Read more

12-Dec-21 N434PH Bell 407 Conroe, US-Texas

Controlled emergency landing after being unable to recover correctly from practice autorotation landing... Read more

11-Dec-21 ZS-HXG Bell 206L Ultimate HP, South Africa

Helicopter appeared to lose power on final approach and landed very heavily just short of the helipad.  Location was adjacent to an earth bank, which the main blades hit.  Fuselage creased on aft starboard side, and images show oil as having leaked from the engine – but it is not known whether this was prior... Read more

10-Dec-21 RA-07397 Robinson R66 Lake Karakul, Russia (1F)

Crashed in mountainous region near Lake Karakul on flight from Novokuznetsk (Kemerovo region).  Pilot received fatal injuries... Read more

09-Dec-21 N401TB CHR Safari 400 McKinney, US-Texas

After performing some maintenance work on an amateur build helicopter, the pilot carried out a test flight.  In a low hover there was an explosion which caused the helicopter to crash from low level and subsequently burn out. Pilot to hospital with burns. Helicopter believed to be a CHR (Canadian Home Rotors) Safari 400 from... Read more

08-Dec-21 ZP5164 Mil Mi-17V5 Coonoor, India (14F)

India’s top military commander has been killed in a helicopter crash in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, the country’s Air Force says. Chief of Defence Staff Gen Bipin Rawat, his wife and 11 others died after the Mi-17V5 helicopter came down in hills near Coonoor city on Wednesday morning.  Images show that the helicopter... Read more

03-Dec-21 N7116L Robinson R22 Hachita, US-New Mexico

Crashed during low level cattle operations on a ranch.  FAA report “unknown” injury level to the pilot, the only person on board. Noted that the same owner had a fatal Robinson R22 accident on 04-Dec-98 – see NTSB DEN99FA024... Read more

02-Dec-21 N911PH MD Helicopters MD500E Chesterfield, US-Missouri

Main blades sliced tail boom on training flight while practicing autorotations St. Louis County Police helicopter damaged at Spirit of St. Louis — KMOV (@KMOV) December 2, 2021... Read more

28-Nov-21 N59600 Bell 206B Perry, US-Oklahoma (1F)

Crashed under unknown circumstances, caught fire and completely burned out.  Pilot received fatal injuries passenger had serious injuries. Address quoted in press report equates to address on FAA register for owner Jeff A Henke... Read more

25-Nov-21 H-0433 Bell UH-1H Ñu Guasu, Paraguay (3F)

Three of the four on board the helicopter received fatal injuries in a training accident Two of the deceased were named in this tweet as Gustavo Velazco Acosta, Lieutenant Andrea Cubilla and Sergeant Gustavo Arzamendia Se confirmó el fallecimiento de 2 personas tras la caída del Helicóptero de la FFAA en Luque. En total habían 4... Read more

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