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HeliHub.com was set up to provide a fresh approach to helicopter information. HeliHub.com is a data source for a huge amount of online information on the helicopter industry.  Our ethos is:-

  • To provide the most complete and accurate information available
  • To support every aspect of the helicopter industry
  • To be independent of all helicopter information sources, operators, manufacturers, suppliers of goods/services etc
  • To leverage the very latest internet technology, particularly in the social networking arena, and keep that under constant review
  • To become the one-stop website for information on helicopters

We cannot provide all the information we are likely to cover right from the start. Look out for regular press releases from HeliHub.com as we expand our offering to new parts of the helicopter industry.


We are often asked what our Unique Selling Point is, and it’s surprisingly easy really! “We provide better information to the industry in a more timely fashion than any other website”.  We typically file 100 stories a week, significantly more than other sites.  While volume is not what we are aiming for specifically, it is the range of stories and the range of countries we cover through reaching this number.  Many industry sites are very US-centric, and most of them concentrate only on US and Europe.  HeliHub.com regularly files stories from South America, Asia and Africa and all sorts of obscure countries.  We are also writing an increasing number of our own stories, including those expressing opinions (controversial or otherwise!), those presenting data such as worldwide register updates, and so on.

The HeliHub.com team also maintains a massive database of individual airframes, and uses that to generate stories which no other press outlet comes anywhere near covering.  We monitor the production lines around the work, tracking new-build aircraft.  We monitor changes of ownership, movement and shipments of helicopters, and so on.  A very thorough approach to industry news.

Another aspect that sets us apart is the human editorial process.  Take for example, an avionics manufacturer who puts out press releases on both helicopter and fixed wing items.  Some sites who say they specialise in the rotary wing world will include every press release from such a supplier, but HeliHub.com never would – because the human aspect of our story selection reads the press release through before filing it, to determine whether it is of relevance to our target market.  Some so-called specialist sites automate the process so you get repeat postings of the same story, and items referring to “helicopter parenting” which are clearly nothing to do with our industry.


  • Photos accompanying reports are mostly publicity images from manufacturers and suppliers as part of their PR.
  • We also use our own photographic contacts, some of which request credit or a link to their own website which we are happy to do.
  • And, of course, we take our own photos as well.

HeliHub.com is wholly owned by Jeremy Parkin, and is independent of all helicopter manufacturers, suppliers, operators, sales companies, media organisations and so on.  It is run for Mr Parkin by a network of contributors around the world.

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