Heli-Lynx to debut new FX variant at Heli-Expo 2010

Heli-Lynx to debut new FX variant at Heli-Expo 2010

19-Feb-2010 Source: Heli-Lynx

Heli-Lynx Helicopters Services Inc. announced today that it will be launching its latest addition to the popular FX series of helicopters. This new variant will have a large impact on the single engine helicopter market.
“With the acceptance and popularity of the FX series of aircraft around the world, we expect to accelerate our market penetration with the introduction of this new variant” said President and CEO, Mike Whitter….”Our customers have requested this new product and we have had excellent response from operators around the world “
Heli-Lynx will continue its drive to make the FX series of helicopters, the most cost effective aircraft out there” said VP and Technical director Matt Trahearn. “Our FX STCs, enhanced with an electrical system second to none, have proven themselves over and over again in all operational conditions globally
“This new variant of the FX configuration will debut in Houston at the 2010 Heli Expo.
“Our technical and engineering team has worked very hard to bring this new project to our product line in time for HAI” said COO, Chief Test Pilot, Gerard Palmer…..”We will be unveiling our new FX variant at the show at booth # 3745 on Sunday, February 21st at 3 PM. I invite you to come and see how Heli-Lynx Helicopters can help you and your operation with our enhanced product range”.
About Heli-Lynx Helicopters
Heli-Lynx is an aviation design and support company that provides a comprehensive range of manufacturing and MRO services; exacting aircraft completion services; and innovative, operationally based STCs. Designed specifically for the often-overlooked needs of small and medium-sized helicopter operators around the world, and based on its own extensive field experience, Heli-Lynx creates innovative, affordable, real-world solutions that extend the operational life, value, and efficiency of existing helicopters; and ensures the mission fit and flexibility of new aircraft. Currently, the company’s FX Series STCs are at the core of its product offerings. The FX Series builds upon two great helicopter models — the AS 350 AStar and the AS 355F TwinStar — to produce truly dependable, reliable, affordable multi-mission aircraft. Over 60 350FX STCs and 15 355FX STCs are currently flying on four different continents. Improved reliability, increased performance margins, decreased operating cost and simplified maintenance requirements are just some of the tangible and proven benefits Heli-Lynx customers have gained in working with this single-source helicopter solutions provider —dedicated to Improving Aviation by Designâ„¢. For more information on Heli-Lynx’s engineered product solutions, or dedicated service offerings, please visit http://www.helilynx.com/

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