Aviation Companies Hiring in 2010

21-Feb-2010 Source: JSFirm

JSfirm Managing Partner, Sam Scanlon, is pleased to announce the results of a recent client survey regarding the hiring outlook for aviation companies in 2010.  “Everyone wants to know what to expect this year, who will be hiring, for which type of positions and when,” Scanlon said.  “Eighty percent (80%) of the companies surveyed expect to hire in 2010, with 72% of these positions being filled equally over the first three quarters. Our results show that the greatest demand for talent will likely be in production (assembly / maintenance) and then flight crew. There will also be healthy growth in the areas of sales, engineering, and management positions.”
JSfirm.com conducted the survey using its extensive database of aviation companies that have relied on using the website to post jobs, search resumes, and find aviation talent for over 10 years.  Scanlon says “To get the pulse of the industry, we reached out to human resource professionals, executives, and the hiring managers.”
JSfirm has clientele in nearly every segment of the aviation industry, ranging from commercial to military operations and enveloping both the helicopter and fixed wing sectors.  Scanlon states, “Our survey results indicate that we can expect steady growth in various groups across the board.”
How is the first quarter of 2010 shaping up?  Scanlon proudly reports “Great! JSfirm.com reached an all time high of 8.2 million hits in January. We have also experienced a 22% increase in job posting activity since October of 2009 and our sales have doubled since this time last year.”

When do the surveyed companies plan on hiring in 2010
1st Quarter 2010 (Jan – March) 24.56%
2nd Quarter 2010 (April – June) 26.83%
3rd Quarter 2010 (July – Sept) 23.80%
4th Quarter 2010 (Oct – Dec) 10.00%
N/A 14.81%

About JSfirm, LLC
Founded in 1999, JSfirm.com is a leader in online employment and resume search tools for aviation professionals.  JSfirm.com is a free service to Job Seekers.  The company’s comprehensive website includes 24/7/365 access to job postings, direct email of new employment opportunities, free resume builder and networking tools, direct access to resumes with note taking ability and management, unlimited job postings with multiple user capabilities and Direct Link, which links job postings to a company’s online application; tracking and statistical performance of help wanted advertising performance; and a dedicated Account Manager to help plan a company’s candidate search program.   JSfirm also provides direct hire recruiting services, which maintains a staff of expert recruiters to provide customized solutions for hiring companies.  For more information, visit: www.jsfirm.com or call one of our two locations at 724-547-6203 or 817-560-0300.

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