Priority 1 Air Rescue Completes Bell 429 Hoist SAR Configuration Milestone

Priority 1 Air Rescue Completes Bell 429 Hoist SAR Configuration Milestone

21-Feb-2010 Source: Priority 1 Air Rescue

Priority 1 Air Rescue and Bell Helicopter Textron Canada Limited successfully completed the design engineering and Human External Cargo (HEC) load flight testing on Bell Helicopter’s new 429 in a search-and-rescue (SAR) configuration.
The 429 used in the testing was configured with specialized SAR equipment, including the 600-lb two- person-rated Goodrich hoist.  Completing this joint SAR design required Priority 1 Air Rescue and Bell design engineers and flight test pilots in Mirabel to work together to successfully integrate P1AR’s operational user input with OEM engineering design to develop a fully functional SAR platform.
“Priority 1 Air Rescue is very well respected throughout the aviation community as the leader in hoist rescue operational training and program support,” Bell 429 Program Director Neil Marshall said. “Their operational hoisting expertise and input were valued by our design engineers. Priority 1 Air Rescue was instrumental in enhancing the 429’s hoist mount design and SAR cabin configuration layout for safe and effective hoist rescue operations.”
The demonstrated hoist rescue capabilities now position the Bell 429 helicopter as a major contender in the SAR/Law Enforcement aviation market by offering federal, state and local governmental agencies as well as  commercial operators a diverse range of operational support capabilities, including inland and maritime SAR, Homeland Security missions, military and law enforcement insertion/extraction, marijuana eradication support, border and maritime patrol, flood rescue, and industry utility work.
Priority 1 Air Rescue President Brad Matheson stated, “The Bell 429 is very well suited for search and rescue and multi-mission emergency response and possesses two exceptional operational attributes. The aircraft has a very large cabin and a well placed hoist boom mount that allows the hoist system operator to safely transition patient litters or SAR personnel into the cabin door with minimal effort and time.  Secondly, there also exists a very predictable and stable rotor wash below the aircraft while hoisting, which makes the rescue specialist’s job safer and easier.”
Under agreement with Bell and Goodrich Hoist Systems, P1AR will provide FAA-approved Part 133 Class D Rescue Hoist Training as well as provide Goodrich directed Basic Field Hoist Maintenance and Organizational Level (O-Level) maintenance training to Bell 429 and Goodrich Hoist customers worldwide.
About Priority 1 Air Rescue
Priority 1 Air Rescue, commonly referred to as the “One Stop SAR Shop” is solely focused on Helicopter SAR and is a proven industry-leader providing FAA approved Helicopter Rescue Training, Helicopter Search and Rescue products, and total SAR program support services. Its Class D Human External Cargo Hoist Rescue Training has been provided to more than 1000 SAR Pilots, Rescue Technicians and SAR Aircrew worldwide in all environments from the South America jungles to the Middle Eastern deserts, atop the Canadian mountains, over the Pacific Ocean and to the extreme frigid Alaskan Interior. Priority 1 Air Rescue has extensive experience on all types of helicopters providing mission training on all facets of Emergency Response and Special Operations to include:

  • Class D Basic/Advanced Hoist Rescue
  • Helicopter Short-Haul rescue
  • NVG Training
  • Mountain/Cliff Rescue Hoisting
  • Helicopter Rappelling
  • Aerial Firefighting Tank/Bucket
  • Swift-Water Rescue
  • Fast –Rope
  • Ground Rescue Team Training
  • Air SAR Planning & Management
  • Tactical Skid Deployment
  • Basic/Advanced Air Medical
  • Maritime Rescue Swimmer
  • Ground Tactical Team
  • Aviation Survival
  • Maritime Vessel Hoisting
  • Aerial Gunnery Land/Water
  • Helicopter Underwater Egress HUET

In addition to its full time training and support staff, Priority 1 Air Rescue provides full time Hoist system Operators, Helicopter Rescue Specialists and Paramedics for SAR/ Medevac programs providing 24/7, 365 days coverage on federal/state contracts in North America. More information: Contact us at
About Bell Helicopter
Bell Helicopter, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Textron Inc., is an industry-leading producer of commercial and military, manned and unmanned vertical lift aircraft and the pioneer of the revolutionary tilt rotor aircraft. Globally recognized for world-class customer service, innovation and superior quality, Bell’s global workforce serves customers flying Bell aircraft in more than 120 countries.

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