Luminator introduces dual mode thermal imaging camera and IR LED searchlight

2-Mar-2010 Source: Luminator

Luminator, a Luminator Technology Group (LTG) company, announced the creation of a dual mode thermal imaging camera and infrared (IR) LED searchlight.  The combination of a FLIR Systems thermal imaging camera core and Luminator IR LED light source into a steerable mil-spec searchlight will provide pilots with an unsurpassed advantage during night or adverse flight conditions.

Recognizing the increasing demand for the benefits of thermal imaging technology specifically in the aviation market, Luminator predicts that the combination of the thermal imaging camera and IR LED light will significantly improve situational awareness by affording the pilots and crew two proven options to increase visibility. Luminator benefitted significantly from FLIR’s new uncooled long-wave Tau thermal imaging core  in that the inclusion of the very small FLIR core had no adverse effect on the already compact size of Luminator’s advances searchlight. As such Luminator was able to maintain its development goals of remaining light-weight, requiring minimum power draw and delivering a low maintenance innovative solution.

Dan Kelleher, Vice President of Luminator Sales and Marketing said, “Luminator is committed to becoming the technology leader in rotorwing searchlights. Bearing in mind flight safety is our priority; we have created a mil-spec searchlight that uses both a FLIR thermal imaging camera core and our proven infrared LED light source. This will greatly enhance the pilot’s night vision during low altitude flight in adverse weather, smoke, smog, dust,  brown-out, white-out or during light precip/light-fog conditions.”

The Tau thermal imaging camera engineered into the Luminator searchlight head delivers FLIR’s renowned image quality at 320X240 resolution. The IR image can be displayed on a video capable multi-function or secondary flight deck monitor. FLIR’s Tau camera can detect and display minute temperature differences on objects within the camera’s 24 degree x 18 degree field of view.  For additional damage tolerance, Luminator engineered the housing to allow the 19mm camera lens to sit recessed within the search light head.  The Luminator IR LED light produces an intensity of 30 NRI with a 10,000 hour life and the proven steerable searchlight base allows the head to rotate 360 degrees with 115 degrees extension at up to 150 knots.

Luminator anticipates the primary market for this dual mode steerable thermal imaging camera and IR LED searchlight will be EMS, law enforcement, search and rescue, aerial firefighting, offshore transport, heavy lift, and electronic news gathering, but also expects significant interest for other yet to be identified missions or operations.

Luminator specializes in avionics interior lighting and passenger information signs, as well as exterior lighting products for retrofit and forward fit applications in the fixed wing and rotor wing markets. With over thousands of products in the marketplace, Luminator is the company with the best solution to your lighting challenges.

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