UK: Atlas Helicopters launches details of 2010 CLA Game Fair operations

UK: Atlas Helicopters launches details of 2010 CLA Game Fair operations

20-Apr-2010 Source: Atlas Helicopters

The 2010 CLA Game Fair will be held at Ragley Hall, Warwickshire between the 23rd & 25th July.  Atlas Helicopters has again been contracted to provide the Game Fair with all of its helicopter requirements. With the Game Fair being such a huge event based around Country life, including shooting, fishing and hunting, people from all around the country travel to the show to take in everything that is on offer.  To this end, Atlas Helicopters provide five distinct helicopter operations for the duration of the event:-

  1. Helicopter Shuttle Flights. Because of the nature of such events, people flock in their tens of thousands thus making road travel somewhat tedious and arduous. Atlas Helicopters therefore operate a ‘Park and Fly Service’ from two venues which are located 12-miles from the venue thus avoiding the traffic problems enroute to the event.
  2. Heliport for visiting helicopters. The 2009 event at Belvoir Castle attracted about 40 visiting helicopters. Atlas Helicopters therefore manage the heliport enabling for safe operation of this number of aircraft. A ground to air radio frequency is in place and ground handlers are present to escort passengers to courteousy vehicles to be transported to the event.
  3. Helicopter Charter Flights. Persons wishing to fly to the event from a site close to their home or business can charter one of our varied fleet of helicopters. Because we are the operator of choice, discounts are therefore given to CLA members.
  4. ‘Eye in the Sky’ It is a requirement for the CLA Game Fair organisers to provide to the local police a helicopter capable of transmitting live broadcast pictures of traffic build-up in the vicinity of the CLA Event. The police are therefore able to transmit this information to personnel on the ground quickly and efficiently to allow prompt resolution of traffic problems.
  5. Helicopter Pleasure Flights. For those persons visiting the event that wish to enjoy the pleasure of helicopter flight whilst enjoying the panorama of the Ragley Hall estate, Atlas Helicopters are providing short 5-minute flights throughout the event period. Operating from the heliport, flights depart locally flying up to an altitude of 1,500 feet making for an ideal photography opportunity. Clients can purchase their tickets from our check-in facility within the event ( located next to the main arena ) or buy from our site located at our heliport location.

So, whatever the reason for visiting the 2010 CLA Game Fair, why not enjoy the thrill of including some form of helicopter experience at the same time?

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