Tokyo Fire Dept adds NEC Aeroeye ARV-3200H to assist with poor visibility flying

Tokyo Fire Dept adds NEC Aeroeye ARV-3200H to assist with poor visibility flying

28-Apr-2010 Source: NEC

NEC Corporation, an infrared camera to help operate a helicopter in circumstances such as poor visibility at night and the sun “AEROEYE (Earoai) IRV-3200H” was delivered to the Tokyo Fire Department.

AEROEYE the Tokyo Fire Department Air Force helicopter to fly today, “Tsubame” built-in, fire, search, rescue, critical care (Dr. Heli) mission to help the safe operation of such time.

The AEROEYE, NEC Research Institute of the National Institute of Aerospace (JAXA) is a compact, lightweight infrared camera system was developed through collaboration with. Infrared images taken as the situation ahead of helicopter, it is possible to display real-time monitor in the cockpit.

Infrared camera, as well as information can detect body heat even in the light is completely missing, such as the influence of light interference from the sun and halation, the transmission can also be viewed and smoke, the visibility in the visual can be used as a means of visual aids in a bad situation.

Features AEROEYE is as follows.

Equipped with highly sensitive infrared sensor, VGA equivalent (640 × 480 pixels) high definition video can be shot The original image processing technology, wires, towers, etc., which can supplement radar and thin clouds, highlighting important information for pilots, can be displayed on the monitor enhances visibility.  Because the net domestic product, in addition to domestic serviceable, and eliminates the need for complicated import procedures Adoption of this time from the Tokyo Fire Department has been highly thought of these features.

In recent years, including rescue and emergency response to major disasters, fire, police and administrative organs in, it is hoped to build a helicopter emergency readiness. Emergency medical support and “Doctor Heli” as it spread nationwide, the opportunity has been increasing mobilization of the helicopter.

In contrast, in Japan and the island’s many mountainous regions, the burden for pilots in poor visibility conditions such as backlight and night to support the safe operation of helicopters, to ensure visibility without burdening pilot means was sought.

From this perspective, NEC will begin selling AEROEYE than last year, firefighters, police and disaster management agencies and local governments, hospitals have been proposed for such activities to the press. The occasion this time of delivery to the Tokyo Fire Department, is willing to go further aims to expand sales to 50-year sales target.

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