Loquendo speech technology powers Computer Aided Instruction for AgustaWestland

Loquendo speech technology powers Computer Aided Instruction for AgustaWestland

28-May-2010 Source: Loquendo

Loquendo, leading speech technology provider, announces Computer Aided Instruction for Helicopters with Loquendo TTS on board.

Computer Aided instruction (CAI) combines advanced visual aids with interactive learning media and Loquendo’s synthetic speech to deliver individual student training. Most systems comprise individual desktop Personal Computer based workstations driving one or two large display screens. A networked classroom may be created by linking a set of workstations via a server to an instructor’s console. Courseware is designed for self-paced student learning in an interactive multimedia environment and may include personalised instructor participation.

At AgustaWestland, CAI is typically used for basic theory training, to deliver tutorials and support system familiarisation. Current technology also enables Computer Based Training to be accessed remotely and/or used to deliver courseware within Distance Learning programmes. One of the most significant advantages derives from the opportunity to capture the student’s attention by using natural-sounding speech.

Loquendo TTS technology enables prompt designers and application developers to create high quality prompts rapidly and easily, with no need for expensive and time-consuming studio recordings. Furthermore, text-to-speech enables maximum flexibility since prompts can be quickly modified and updated at virtually no additional cost, as and when required.

Loquendo TTS is fluent and expressive synthetic speech available in 28 languages and 70 voices. Loquendo speech technologies are deployed in every business sector worldwide, including: education, e-learning, assistive technologies, call centers and CRM, transport, automotive, and many more.

“As a world leader in helicopter manufacture, AgustaWestland have created a highly effective multimedia training system,” says Saverio Ricchiuto, Loquendo Area Sales Manager for Italy. “Their programme provides a flexible and interactive way for students to train in this complex field, combining video, sound and synthetic speech.”
About Loquendo
Awarded Speech Industry ‘Market Leader’ for the past three consecutive years, Loquendo provides a complete range of speech technologies for server, embedded and desktop solutions – in 28 languages with 70 voices, and constantly growing.

Loquendo TTS, Loquendo ASR, and Loquendo Speaker Identification and Verification empower people to interact with technology in the most natural way possible – using their voice – creating a next-generation client experience while saving businesses millions each year.
Also integrable via the Loquendo MRCP Server and VoxNauta, Loquendo’s VoiceXML and CCXML platform, Loquendo speech technologies power millions of calls every day in the telecommunications and enterprise markets across the globe.
Loquendo TTS and ASR are also available as Loquendo Embedded Technologies, deployed in more than 10 million devices worldwide in embedded and mobile environments.

Loquendo is a Telecom Italia company headquartered in Turin, Italy, with offices in the US, UK, Spain, Germany and France, and a global network of partners.
For more info, and to hear Loquendo TTS for yourself, go to www.loquendo.com.

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