Insurance discounts available for aircraft with Enhanced Vision System

Insurance discounts available for aircraft with Enhanced Vision System

3-Aug-2010 Source: Forward Vision

Forward Vision Systems, Inc. and Aggressive Insurance, an Irving, TX-based aircraft insurance company announced at the EAA Airventure, that Forward Vision EVS (DO-160E certified) equipped aircraft will now be eligible for a discount on their policies.

Effective immediately, Aggressive will provide a credit of 5% applicable to both liability and hull coverage premiums for the use of this approved EVS system. A maximum credit of 15% will be applied when 3 safety features (EVS system, aircraft parachute and airbag systems) are installed on an aircraft.

Patrick Farrell, CEO of Forward Vision was pleased that Aggressive Insurance has noted what our customers have come to appreciate, our Enhanced Vision Systems (EVS) installed on your aircraft helps make flying safer for pilots and their families. “Recognizing Forward Vision EVS as an enhancer of safety and providing such a significant savings for operators will reward those aircraft owners for their efforts to reduce risk in their flying.”

Richard Asprey, President of Aggressive Insurance said ” the Forward Vision EVS typifies the benefits of this type of equipment. With these EVS cameras appropriately mounted, the pilot’s ability to maintain situational awareness is extended and strengthened.

Once again, Aggressive is proud to be a leader in responding to advancing safety technology and will continue to recognize those consumers who utilize such EVS devices as well as to AmSafe’s airbag systems and BRS’s Ballistic Recovery System parachutes.”

Scott “SKY” Smith  of Skysmith Insurance is an Independant agent with significant experience offering Aggressive Insurance to the aviation industry and was instrumental in making this program a success. Sky was quick to mention the value that this change can immediately bring to new and current customers from both a financial perspective as well as providing for safety enhancement.

Aggressive Insurance is a multi-line Insurance Service Organization headquartered in Irving, TX. Our products are already offered through nearly 1,000 independent agents across the U.S. and through a number of well-respected insurers and reinsurers. Aviation products are written through New York Marine and General Insurance Company (NYMAGIC) which carries an A.M. Best rating of “A” (Excellent).

About Forward. Vision.®
Forward. Vision.® continues as the industry leader in the integration of affordable EVS technology into the general aviation cockpit. These systems help to prevent night time spatial disorientation, inadvertent entry into IMC when VFR, CFIT, midair’s, runway incursions and airport accidents. Forward Vision provides product sales, airframe certifications (STC’s)(Over 160 models certified), and installation/operational support for EVS applications in the General Aviation fleet.

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