Montana Dept of Natural Resources buys five AKV Cycle Counters for fleet

Montana Dept of Natural Resources buys five AKV Cycle Counters for fleet

10-Aug-2010 Source: DART Helicopter Services

The Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC) has joined the growing list of customers supported by DART Helicopter Services.  DART is a leader in production and global distribution of more than 3,000 certified helicopter accessories and components.  Montana DNRC recently ordered five AKV cycle counter systems for its five Bell UH-1 fire-fighting and utility helicopters.  DART handles worldwide distribution for the entire AKV product line.  DNRC operates a fleet of ten aircraft, including three Cessna 180 series airplanes, two Bell 206B JetRangers, and its UH-1s strategically located in western Montana for immediate and direct protection of the state’s extensive forests from wildfires.

Installation of AKV engine cycle counters and integrated software will enable DNRC to monitor flight operations more accurately and facilitate more efficient and effective scheduled maintenance and overhaul.  Ed Martin, Montana DNRC Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor, added, “We had requested that the counters include a custom feature to count both the rotor Retirement Index Number (RIN) and the takeoff/landing events along with the standard engine cycles.  This would take care of our complete cycle counting needs, on the UH-1H, simplifying the cycle event tracking and reducing operating costs. Not only did we receive the counters promptly but AKV and DART representatives have been fantastic to work with during the customizing process.  We are very pleased with the results.”

“These sophisticated instruments greatly improve flight safety and save money,” said Jeff Shapiro, CEO of DART Helicopter Services.  “We are delighted to represent AKV, the leader in producing cycle counters.  AKV worked closely with DNRC’s aviation specialists to customize the new system with integrated software that links engine cycle counting with capability to record the Retirement Index Number (RIN) for rotor components, including rotor hub masts and trunnions.  This gives DNRC a uniquely complete flight operation record that monitors performance, helps with inspection requirements and reduces costly, unnecessary maintenance. ”

“DART is delighted to bring AKV and the Montana DNRC together to create this new capability.  The state has some of the nation’s most beautiful forests, and our company is proud to enable the state to protect them more efficiently,” Shapiro continued.  “The low-cost integrated systems AKV has provided to DNRC are just one example of our customer focus.
“We soon will complete certification for a new Health and Usage Monitoring (HUMS) system that ultimately will include both exceedance trend and vibration monitoring,” said Jonathan Gunn, President of AKV. “Our design also will offer optional satellite connectivity to existing rotorcraft GPS tracking systems to transmit any exceedance data immediately to maintenance facilities.”

AKV, Inc., located in Camarillo, CA, is a leader in producing helicopter turbine engine cycle counters and turbine engine compressor washers.
Established in 1971, the Montana DNRC is responsible for conserving and managing and regulating the state’s rangelands, forests, soil and water resources and oil and gas exploration and production.

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