Last of 36 EC120s delivered to Helidax

Last of 36 EC120s delivered to Helidax

10-Oct-2010 Source: Eurocopter

The delivery of the 36th EC120 is an important milestone in innovative public-private partnership program, the French armed forces, modern, cost helicopter for training purposes, provides the.

In the presence of Joseph Saporito, Executive Vice President Commercial Helicopters, and Jean-Louis Rotrubin, President & Chief Executive Manager of DCI and Helidax, the company took Helidax today the last of its 36 ordered EC120 received.

On 31 January 2008 granted French armaments agency DGA of equal parts of DCI and INAER France (formerly Proteus), a company founded Helidax an order 16000-26000 flight hours annually for basic training of the three military forces and the gendarmerie at the Army Aviation Training Centre EALAT in Dax. The new partnership agreement under Helidax provides the financing, provision and maintenance of the helicopters, which remain their property. The training in the proper sense of responsibility of the military trainers EALAT.

To fulfill the contract, the French armed forces for the EC120 have decided that from the first three copies were made in October 2009 in Dax in operation. In just one year, a total of 36 machines ordered for the replacement of the 54 previously used machines of the type SA341 and SA342 were delivered gazelle. With 80 instructors and a fleet of 36 EC120 is the EALAT in Dax, the largest helicopter school in Europe. The constant presence of Belgian military flight students and teachers of the school also gives a truly multinational character.

The NHE version (Ecole Nouvel Hélicoptère) of the Eurocopter EC120 is supplied in standard design and equipped by Helidax INAER and France, together with the information required by the EALAT avionics. A glass cockpit with fully electronic on-board instruments and intensifier and autopilot support the preparation of prospective pilots on modern machines with which they will work in future: Tiger, Caracal EC725 and the NH90 soon. Although the EC120 less powerful than its predecessor, Gazelle, is, however, with flight training, navigation, night flying with night vision goggles, autorotation, instrument flight and launch flights in the mountains for an equally wide range of applications with greater availability and both the maintenance and in fuel consumption 30 percent lower operating costs. Equipped with the latest technology, first as a crash-safe certified machine also allows for training missions under the best conditions of safety.

Over 650 machines selected by many air forces EC120 have been delivered from Eurocopter. Thanks to its handy size, their economical operation, its flight characteristics and ease of handling the machine is especially pleased as a training helicopter high popularity. More than 150,000 flight hours in service collects the fleet each year.

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