Netherlands successfully tests torpedo launch from NH90

Netherlands successfully tests torpedo launch from NH90

13-Nov-2010 Source: Dutch Ministry of Defence

[electronic translation from Dutch press release]

The latest Defence Helicopter, the NH-90, has 13 Mk46 torpedoes successfully dropped over the Marsdiep in Den Helder. This was the first time and represents a major milestone towards full deployment.

The torpedoes were dropped under various operating conditions such as high and low speeds at various heights and in autorotation. In the so-called hover mode when the helicopter still in the air. For operational deployment on board naval vessels, the torpedo tests were an important milestone.

During the test was examined whether the weapon under any circumstances could be safely jettisoned. Also, the mission system, where each sensor is connected to extensive tests. “We wanted to test whether the weapon is well integrated into the mission system, so that the torpedo at the right time in the right place off and then the right direction,” explained Lieutenant-to-sea Oscar de Vogel, the project NH -90 from.

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