Sheald adds new features to its Electronic Logbook for Pilots

Sheald adds new features to its Electronic Logbook for Pilots

23-Nov-2010 Source: Sheald

SHEALD, Inc. has released a Version 3.0 of its well-received Pilot eLog electronic logbook program that now includes 12 new categories for logging time against plus the ability to export the logbook to Excel for custom analysis and reporting.

SHEALD Inc. has released a major update to their well-received feature-rich, cross-platform electronic logbook for private pilots. Pilot eLog now includes 12 additional categories to log flight time against. New log entries include Multi-Engine Land, Multi-Engine Center Line Thrust, Multi-Engine Sea, Single Engine Sea, Glider, Helicopter, Rotorcraft, Gyroplane, Airship, Free Balloon, Lighter-Than-Air and Second in Command. One or more of these features can be activated from within the Preferences screen. Also new with this release is the ability to export the logbook to Excel for custom analysis and reporting.

Pilot eLog is a user-friendly and intuitive logbook that looks very much like the paper logbooks pilots are use to. The main logbook screen acts as a central information center providing key metrics to pilots at a glance – no need to drill through countless menus or windows. The top half of the screen shows the most recent logbook entries — just like a paper logbook. The lower section provides summary totals and currency information. The currency and date expirations are clearly color-coded to visually alert the pilot well in advance of expiration without the need for annoying pop-up windows.

Total flight time is recorded using either Hobbs Start/Stop time or as a direct entry. Log entries incorporate extensive error checking to keep logs accurate. Accelerator keys make data entry fast and painless. The system automatically tracks Day, Night and Instrument currency and keeps this information visible on the main screen at all times. It also automatically captures High Performance, Complex and Tailwheel time based on the type of aircraft flown. Additionally, users can track time against unlimited custom parameters and type ratings, all while keeping the user interface simple and user- friendly.

Pilots can begin their logbooks from any point in time, record historical totals, then begin using Pilot eLog from that point forward. Recording a new endorsement, rating or BFR check ride automatically updates the BFR expiration information. Logbook data is stored locally on the pilot’s computer, not someone else’s server. Built-in backup and restore functions ensure long-term data integrity.

Core parts of the program include 17 professionally designed reports and endorsements, online links to FAA and FAR reference sites, complete text to many logbook-related FAR’s, and immediate viewing of day, night and instrument currency plus BFR and medical expiration dates.

About Pilot eLog Product
Pilot eLog is the ultimate pilot’s logbook. It is fully cross-platform compatible with native versions for Mac OS X and Windows. The user interface is the same on both platforms and the logbook data file can be moved freely from one platform to another.

About SHEALD, Inc.
SHEALD, Inc. is an intellectual property innovator and think tank. The founders are avid pilots and active members of the Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association and the Civil Air Patrol. Pilot eLog is distributed through SHEALD Development LP, a subsidiary of SHEALD Inc.

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