Register Update – USA – 19-25 January 2011

Register Update – USA – 19-25 January 2011

9-Feb-2011 Source: Aviation Codes Central

This news item is part of the “Register Updates” series, listing helicopters which have been added to a particular national register, removed from it or the listed owner has changed. Our coverage represents the majority of registration and owner changes within the global civilian helicopter fleet. Most updates are weekly or monthly, although some are less frequent.



N120DE    EC120B    1414    Tentacle Corp, Walnut Creek CA
N158TR    OH-58A    71-20791    Tri-Rotor Spray and Chemical, Ulysses KS
N172AC    S-64E    64061    Erickson Air Crane, Central Point OR
N193AM    B407    54004    Bell Helicopter, Fort Worth TX
N20NJ    S-76B    760345    State of New Jersey, West Trenton NJ
N435FA    B429    57034    Bell Helicopter, Fort Worth TX
N54LD    B407    53306    S J Braun Aero, Zionsville IL
N555EL    R44 II    10665    Robinson Helicopter Co, Torrance CA


N1004C    S-92A    920141    To Canada
N12PD    TOMCAT MK6B    56-2175    Cancelled
N143CD    B206B    2662    COLOMBIA
N263F    S-61N    61488    To Brazil
N383FH    FH-1100    146    Cancelled
N426TN    B407    54004    Reregistered to N193AM
N430DG    B430    49036    To Argentina
N446L    R44    0511    To Russia
N470SM    AW139    41250    To Canada
N54LV    B407    53306    Reregistered to N54LD
N561RM    EC120B    1414    Reregistered to N120DE
N693ME    BO105CBS    S-693    Cancelled – FAA playing catch-up – sold to South Africa some while back
N7142R    R44 II    12684    To Canada
N7221R    OH-58A    71-20791    Reregistered to N158TR
N856HA    R22 M    1894M    Cancelled – accident 29-Sep-10 Hillsboro, OR
N878AE    EC145    9381    To US Military
N881AE    EC145    9385    To US Military
N9955K    B206B    2029    Cancelled – FAA playing catch-up – sold to UAE some while back
N9NJ    S-76B    760345    Reregistered to N20NJ


N1069Z    B206B    2855    D H Eat LLC, Cover DE
N143SU    S-92A    920143    Wells Fargo Bank Northwest, Salt Lake City UT
N214YS    AW139    41249    GE Transport Services, Fairfield CT
N2802B    B47G    1527    C D Collum, Brewton AL
N351FB    AS 350 B3    3782    City of Phoenix, Phoenix AZ
N352FB    AS 350 B3    3920    City of Phoenix, Phoenix AZ
N353FB    AS 350 B3    3926    City of Phoenix, Phoenix AZ
N380AM    AS 350 B3    7012    Manufacturers and Traders Trust Co, Baltimore MD
N381AM    AS 350 B3    7015    Key Equipment Finance, Superior CO
N4027D    UH-12E    5072    B J Barton, Kingsburg CA
N405DA    B429    57015    Mitsui Bussan Aerosapce, Irving TX
N410NX    B407    54008    AvCorp US Registratiosn, Wilmington DE
N428UB    B429    57017    Mitsui Bussan Aerosapce, Irving TX
N428VB    B429    57016    Mitsui Bussan Aerosapce, Irving TX
N429ME    B429    57025    En Route LLC, Richmond VA
N430LF    B430    49096    Lee County Board of Commissioners, Fort Myers FL
N523CT    R44 II    13078    Shadow Mountain Aviation LLC, Thurmond MD
N555VU    R44 II    12571    Lee Automotive Management, Wilson NC
N574H    F-28C    361    J L Williams, Vale OR
N6BR    B206B    4270    D H Helicopter Inc, Sauget IL
N731FF    AS 350 B3    3692    Zulu Air Ltd, Reno NV
N807A    S-76C    760807    Bank of Utah (Trustee), Salt Lake City UT
N816CF    AS 350 B2    2634    Raven Avaition LLC, Madera CA
N837DR    B407    53434    Dept of Homeland Security, Washington DC
N9277R    H269C    790809    J & T Flying Service Inc, Wilmington DE
N953AE    EC 135 P2+    908    Leading Edge Aviation Services, Santa Ana CA
N9787F    S269C    S1684    R C Chambers, Hayes KS


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