Rosoboronexport details Russian presence at Aero India

Rosoboronexport details Russian presence at Aero India

9-Feb-2011 Source: Rosoboronexport

At Aero India 2011 Rosoboronexport offers its foreign customers a wide range of helicopter systems. In recent years exports of Russian rotary-wing aircraft have been steadily growing. Amongst the most popular export items one finds a family of the Mi-17 military helicopters, being delivered these days also to the Indian Air Force. Proven and effective in operation, these helicopters continue conquering new markets.

Due attention will be paid to the Mi-28NE helicopter, a participant in the Indian tender for the supply of 22 attack helicopters. A number of publications have pointed out that Russia will substantially strengthen its trade positions when this helicopter is promoted to the international market. The Mi-28NE helicopter employs a wide range of weapons, boasts unique survivability features, and can operate at any time of day and night under most adverse weather conditions. These helicopters started entering service with the Russian Armed Forces in 2009. Pilots praise first-class flight and combat qualities of the machines.

Among other types one sees the Ka-226T light multi-role helicopter, which participates in the tender invited by the Indian Army. The Ka-226T advantages have to do with its service ceiling, coaxial rotor layout, and options available for various mission modules installation allowing one helicopter to perform a wide range of tasks.

Specialists will undoubtedly be interested in Mi-26T2, a participant in the Indian tender for the supply of heavy lift helicopters. This unique model just has no rivals as regards its load-carrying capacity (up to 20 tonnes). It has demonstrated excellent performance characteristics during rescue operations, in most enduring cargo transportation missions and erecting works.

Visitors to the air show will also be able to learn more about the Mi-35M combat- transport helicopter, Ka-31 reconnaissance helicopter, Ansat and Ka-32A11VS multi-purpose helicopters.

Rosoboronexport is ranked among the major companies on the global arms market and accounts for over 80% of Russia’s annual arms sales. Russia maintains military-technical cooperation with over 70 countries worldwide.

Rosoboronexport invites its current and future partners to establish long-term, mutually beneficial relations that will guarantee successful solutions to defense and security problems.

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