FlyIt Simulators Expanding Staff and Shipping Offshore

FlyIt Simulators Expanding Staff and Shipping Offshore

16-Feb-2011 Source: FLYIT Simulators

After eleven years of production and constant refinement of the FLYIT Professional Helicopter and Airplane Simulators, FLYIT Simulators has produced one of the most accurate and flight realistic simulators available today.

FLYIT Professional Simulators have proven their extraordinary reliability and dependability over the last eleven years. The FLYIT four year warranty has proven so successful that FLYIT is now able to extend the warranty to FIVE YEARS.

New immersive features introduced on the 2011 FLYIT professional simulator are:
* Aircraft aerodynamic models so accurate that pilots have a real flight experience.
* Engine and airframe vibration gives the feel that the simulated aircraft is actually off the ground and you actually feel the touchdown.
* Right and left side window views give a 210 degree look at the sky. Fly Search & Rescue, turns about a point, crime scene orbits, high density traffic, IIMC and mountain flying.
* Scenario Based Mission Rehearsal Training. Mountain flying, high altitude, accident scene, confined area ops, extreme weather, go-no-go decision with any weather you might encounter in real life.
* Five year warranty. FLYIT’s sophisticated application of COTS (commercial off the shelf systems) has produced the most dependable simulator ever available.

All these are now standard features of the affordable 2011 FLYIT Professional Simulators. One reason for FLYIT Simulators popularity is that they are shipped complete with everything. They are a true plug and fly simulator and you don’t have to worry about service and reliability after those other 1 year warranties run out..

The FLYIT large visual displays 220 X 90 degrees and airframe vibration provide a sense of really flying and being off the ground, far superior to cheap motion systems with small monitors and others with no vibration and TV sets for out the window displays.

FLYIT Simulators are in regular training in 22 countries, in flight schools, law enforcement, EMS, military, universities and petroleum. FLYIT immersive qualities and accuracy allow the student to learn procedures in the FLYIT Simulator and then immediately perform them in the real aircraft.

Out of the country shipments have increased significantly for FLYIT. Among the shipments to foreign customers, over are shipments over the last two years are: Royal Saudi Land Forces, Russia, Dominican Republic Air Force, Philippines, Nigeria, Venezuela, FLYIT growth has been significantly robust to allow us to hire three people in the spring of 2010 and we are actively looking for two more production people.

FLYIT Simulators, due to the upward trend in business of the past two years, is also expecting significant growth in 2011. FLYIT is seeing a big change in business confidence, attitudes are very good, expectations are very high.

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