Register Update – Canada – July 2011

Register Update – Canada – July 2011

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This news item is part of the “Register Updates” series, listing helicopters which have been added to a particular national register, removed from it or the listed owner has changed. Our coverage represents the majority of registration and owner changes within the global civilian helicopter fleet. Most updates are weekly or monthly, although some are less frequent.


Our coverage of Canada currently features those helicopters imported to and exported from the country.

Aircraft imported to Canada

Helicopters with no prior registration quoted were manufacturered in the country they are from, and did not take up a full registration prior to import. Destination C- Canadian registration is shown for each helicopter where known.

AS350BA 2269 N43HA from USA
AS350B2 3626 N965SD from USA
B212 30962 B-7705 from China
B212 31161 B-7709 from China
B407 53062 G-OZAC from UK
BK117B-2 7222 N296GL from USA
EC225LP 2798 from France as C-GLIS
MD900 900-00025 N902PB from USA
R44 2134 from USA
R44 II 12888 N457R from USA as C-FOTY
R44 II 13159 from USA as C-GVCT
R44 II 13161 from USA as C-GKDT
R44 II 13163 from USA as C-GYYW
S-76C 760574 5N-BHP from Nigeria as C-GHRJ
S-76C 760593 5N-BIJ from Nigeria as C-GHRU

Aircraft exported from Canada

Helicopters with no Canadian registration quoted were manufacturered in Canada and did not take up a full registration prior to export. Destination country is shown for each helicopter, together with its new registration in that country where known.

C-GIQS B206L4 52421 to USA as N449XB
C-GKVY B206L4 52427 to USA as N449YB
C-GSLH B212 30565 to USA as N218GA
C-…. B407 54073 to USA as N449BW
C-…. B407 54074 to USA, reserved as N439FB
C-…. B407 54075 to USA, reserved as N436GB
C-…. B407 54076 to USA as N435ZB
C-…. B407 54080 to USA as N449NH
C-GFWY B412EP 36551 to USA as N436RD
C-GIDB B412EP 36557 to USA as N436UE]
C-GIEB B412EP 36558 to USA as N437EA
C-GJWZ B412EP 36566 to USA as N436TF
C-GKIH B412EP 36570 to USA, reserved as N450PZ
C-GKKR B429 57046 to USA as N4469B
C-GFPY B429 57051 to USA as N447BB
C-GYVE R22 BETA 3922 to USA, reserved as N62JF

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