HAI Salute to Excellence — Only one month left to nominate

HAI Salute to Excellence — Only one month left to nominate

1-Oct-2011 Source: HAI

For more than 50 years, HAI has recognized the outstanding achievements and exceptional merits of individuals and organizations through the Salute to Excellence Awards program, and there is now only one month left to nominate for the 2012 program! Winners will be recognized at the Salute to Excellence Awards dinner, to be held Feb. 13 during HELI-EXPO 2012 in Dallas, Texas.

HAI members and nonmembers are welcome to submit nominations. The simplest way to submit nominations is to complete an online Nomination Form on HAI’s Web site. Go to www.rotor.com, click on Events then Salute to Excellence. You may also download 2012 Call for Nominations booklets and mail completed Nomination Forms to Helicopter Association International, 1635 Prince Street, Alexandria, VA 22314, or fax to 703-683-4745.

Please include supportive materials relating to your nominations—including full biographies, videos, photographs, training certifications, letters of recommendation, and newspaper and magazine articles etc. Supportive materials can be mailed or faxed to HAI, or scanned and sent as an email attachment to rotor@rotor.com.

HAI also requires that nominees complete an Acknowledgement Form, confirming that they know they are being nominated and, if selected, would be willing to receive the award in person at the Salute to Excellence dinner during HELI-EXPO 2012, or will designate a representative to do so on their behalf.

There is only one month left to nominate! All nominations must be received by Tues., Nov. 1, 2011, but HAI encourages you to submit your nomination(s) as soon as possible. For more information, contact HAI’s Communications Department at 703-683-4646, or emailrotor@rotor.com. For more information on HELI-EXPO 2012, visit www.rotor.com.

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