SMS Success Story – Facilities Maintenance, Inspection and Management

SMS Success Story – Facilities Maintenance, Inspection and Management

4-Oct-2011 Source: CHC

Nestling on a remote headland on the western coast of Australia, Exmouth is the latest base to be added to the CHC Australia portfolio and acts as an EC225 operating base in support of two offshore installations.

The base is home to only six personnel who rotate in for two weeks on and two weeks off.

A second EC225 will soon arrive and this will give the base a 24/7 coverage to include night medevac from the Cadwallon-A and Genseric-A installations that sit 200 nautical miles offshore.

The new hangar has been laid out in accordance with national regulations as well as best practice and offers a clean and efficient place to work.

“New facilities offer the perfect opportunity to ‘start as we mean to go on’; the team in Australia have done exactly that and the results of their hard work are clear for all to see,” said Rob Cavers, S&Q Manager for Oil & Gas, CHC Australia.

Walkways are clearly identified to allow personnel to pass through the hangar free from hazard; storage areas are also clearly defined and use good visuals to confirm that everything is where it ought to be.

Should things go wrong, the Emergency Response equipment is readily identifiable and easily accessible to the team on the base.

Areas used for storing Hazardous Material have been clearly marked up and other hazards (for example – noise areas) are instantly identifiable.  All of this is done for a reason: it’s not to look ‘pretty’ but rather it shows that when the infrastructure around us is in good condition and well laid out, we spend less time having to think about these things and we also limit the risk our people are exposed to.

“Whilst older facilities often need more attention, the benefits of preventative maintenance are just as important; regular inspections and casting a fresh eye over familiar surroundings will pay dividends in the future,” said Duncan Trapp, Vice-President of Safety & Quality, CHC Helicopter Services.

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