Night Flight Concepts to showcase solutions at ALPA laser illumination event

Night Flight Concepts to showcase solutions at ALPA laser illumination event

12-Oct-2011 Source: Night Flight Concepts

Night Flight Concepts, a leading provider of night vision solutions to aviation organizations worldwide, announced it will participate in the upcoming event “Laser Illumination of Aircraft: a Growing Threat” to help raise awareness of this growing issue in aviation and to showcase solutions that can help mitigate the risks associated with voluntary and involuntary laser eye strikes.

Increasing Aviator Safety & Readiness

Through years of experience in dealing with the various issues and challenges associated with conducting night flight operations, Night Flight Concepts (NFC) is well aware of the growing challenge of laser illumination into cockpits.  NFC has been quick to develop a multi-faceted response to the issue of laser strikes as NFC President, Adam Aldous, explains: “In recent years we’ve monitored the growing danger of malicious and accidental laser eye strikes impacting fixed wing and rotary-wing aviators with great concern.  Our company continues to develop tools and solutions designed specifically to address the aviation industry’s issues and provide a means to improve pilot safety in night flight operations. We don’t just sell these solutions; we use them in-house to assist our clients every day”.

New & Existing Solutions for Aviator Laser Defense

The best way to mitigate the risk is for flight organizations to undertake preventative measures and incident procedures which can be followed to either prevent potential illuminations or minimise cockpit disruption if one occurs. At ALPA’s Laser Illumination of Aircraft event NFC will showcase some of the products and educational services developed to respond to laser strikes:

  • Laser Eye Protection Program – A web-based e-learning training option, the Laser Eye Protection Program helps aircraft operators to teach aircrew members the capabilities, limitations and preventative measures required to respond to a laser strike. The program addresses the need for education about laser strikes and covers mitigation techniques most effective in the public safety sector of aviation.

  • – An educational website designed to help aviation organizations worldwide access laser strike education, training and resources, helps organizations respond to the growing danger of laser eye strikes into cockpits– increasing safety and preventing unnecessary, costly loss of lives and equipment.
  • There’s more! New aviation laser defense solutions to be unveiled at this event.

Interested to learn how you or your team can avoid becoming a victim of a voluntary or involuntary laser eye strike?  Register to attend the ALPA Laser Illumination event  October 27, Washington Hilton Hotel, Washington, D.C.  (

For more details on NFC’s Aviation Laser Strike Defence Solutions attend ALPA’s Laser Illumination event, visit us at or, or  call  888-632-8764 today.

About Night Flight Concepts

Night Flight Concepts (NFC) is a comprehensive night vision technology (NVT) provider specializing in night vision goggle (NVG) pilot and crewmember flight training, NVG service & maintenance repair, NVG maintenance technician training, and night vision program support for law enforcement agencies, air medical/rescue services, military organizations, and government task force agencies worldwide.

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