Conklin & de Decker release 2011-12 Aircraft Performance Comparator

Conklin & de Decker release 2011-12 Aircraft Performance Comparator

13-Oct-2011 Source: Conklin & de Decker

Conklin & de Decker announces the release of their 2011/2012 Aircraft Performance Comparator with the most comprehensive aircraft comparison data available to the industry. Part of a family of innovative software products created by Conklin & de Decker, the Aircraft Performance Comparator is a must-have tool for anyone that is acquiring a Business Jet, Turboprop, Piston airplane, or Helicopter and needs to compare aircraft performance data quickly and easily.

This newly updated software program allows users to easily overlay, or compare side-by-side, and compare aircraft interiors and exteriors as well as critical performance data that is collected directly from the manufacturer’s approved aircraft flight and performance manuals. Range verses payload, baggage area sizes and critical performance details are all quickly accessible. Users make apples-to-apples comparisons from the extensive database of nearly 300 aircraft that are displayed on the same scale, making it easy to evaluate and print reports.

Also new in the 2011/2012 edition of the Aircraft Performance Comparator is:

  • New web page for subscribers: Access the “Max Range at Long Range Cruise” data for all aircraft.
  • Cleaner graphic images: Standardized the data label sizes for all charts and graphs
  • Easier to read graphs: Mouse along the graph line to see a pop-up of the exact value
  • Variable print scale: Choose your own scale for printing the interior and exterior images
  • Improved Help file: Expanded the explanations for the fixed-wing performance charts
  • SIX NEW AIRCRAFT: Hawker 800XPR; Twin Otter 400 series; Quest Kodiak; Texas Turbine 900 Supervan; Eurocopter AS 332L1;Diamond DA42 L360 (Lycoming Engine)

“The Aircraft Performance Comparator is a great tool for anyone going through the aircraft acquisition process,” commented David Wyndham, Vice President and co-owner of Conklin & de Decker. “It is such an easy tool to use and it gives aircraft buyers, brokers and dealers the most current and comprehensive data when deciding which new or pre-owned aircraft is right for them.”

The price for the latest edition of the Aircraft Performance Comparator is $695 for Jets, $595 for Turboprops or Helicopters and $450 for the Piston database. Discounts for multiple databases run from $100 to $300. Customized reports for individual aircraft can be special ordered for $100 per aircraft with a 20% discount for multiple aircraft. In addition, multiple user licenses are available.

The Aircraft Performance Comparator databases are conveniently grouped by Jets, Turboprops, Helicopters, and Pistons and can be ordered online or by calling the Conklin & de Decker’s Orleans, Massachusetts office at 508-255-5975, email

Conklin & de Decker, celebrating more than 25 years in business, is a leader in aviation research, consulting and education with offices in Orleans, Massachusetts, Arlington, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona. The company, founded in 1984, focuses on fixed- and rotary- wing aircraft operating cost, performance and specification databases, maintenance management software, financial management, fleet planning, market research, aviation tax issues, and financial, tax and management seminars. Conklin & de Decker consult with numerous individuals, corporations, and government agencies worldwide. More information on their products and services, copies of published articles, and a unique “Members Only” section can be found on their website,

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