Per-seat helicopter travel now available in South Florida

Per-seat helicopter travel now available in South Florida

20-Oct-2011 Source: EvoLux

After 5 years of passionate research, development and business planning we are very excited to finally announce that EvoLux Transporation, LLC is now open for business!

Have you ever been late to an important meeting or event, sitting there stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, miles away from your destination, wondering to yourself, “It’s the year 2011… Why can’t I just fly over and around this mess by now?!?”

With a mission to make helicopter travel more affordable and accessible, EvoLux Transportation clients will enjoy Per-Seat, On-Demand Heli-Tours, Heli-Xcursions, and Sky-Limo passenger shuttles, aboard our region’s most highly reputable FAA certified fleet of helicopters, to over 30 Vertiport locations in South Florida as an alternative solution to highway congestion and inefficient ground travel.

Starting today through our Helicopter Booking and Dispatch Web Application,, you are now enabled to take the “Ultimate HOV Lane” – Our Highways in the Sky! The EvoLux vision is clear… Bio-Fueled Helicopters Today, Tilt-Rotors Tomorrow, and Vertical Take-Off Flying Cars in the not too distant future! It’s the Evolution in Luxury Transport!

Just imagine being able to go 50 miles in 15 minutes, through the air, at the price of hiring a limo driver! We call it “taking the scenic route!”

Please visit our site and help EvoLux launch by sharing our vision and available services with friends and family members who also desire a world with better transportation options available to them! Thank you so very much for following our progress over the years and supporting us as we take the lead towards re-engineeing a future that we all desire!

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