Alpine Helicopters renews lease on Canmore Heliport

Alpine Helicopters renews lease on Canmore Heliport

19-Dec-2011 Source:

Canmore Council has approved a new 10-year lease on the heliport with Alpine Helicopters, the current tenant.  Originally presented as a 25-year lease, the Council decided that planning ahead 10 years was sufficient and offered that term to Alpine with very few other changes of terms.

The lease establishes a heliport monitoring committee and a new schedule of conduct has been created to define Alpine’s reponsibilities in three particular areas and specifies flight paths.

Alpine has been paying Can$84,245 a year in rent for the last ten years.  A professional appraisal indicated the rent should be $126,500, an increase of just over 50%.  Following a series of negotiations, the agreed new rent (based on a 30.5% consumer price index increase since 1999) will be $109,940 plus annual increases based on inflation.

William P Johnson – Washington correspondent

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