Tangent Link to hold High-Rise Aerial Firefighting conference as part of Dubai Helishow

Tangent Link to hold High-Rise Aerial Firefighting conference as part of Dubai Helishow

8-Jan-2012 Source: Tangent Link

As metropolitan populations increase, the trend is for city architects to design taller buildings – office, hotel and apartments to accommodate this increase, such as examples in Hong Kong, New York, Singapore, Dubai and London.  Fire regulations are already strict but should a fire occur in a high-rise or mega building it could be disastrous and is, therefore, an ever-increasing concern to the metropolitan firefighting community, particularly in global regions of natural disaster, such as the Pacific Rim nations.

Fire in high-rise buildings is not a regular occurrence, but when it does happen, such as the post-earthquake fires in Japan, or following acts of terrorism such as ‘9/11′ in New York – the loss of life is usually heavy.  This means that there is a gap in the fire-protection field and a new concept of fire suppression needs to be explored.

So how can city fire brigades improve fire protection and reduce loss of life above the seventh floor of a high-rise or mega building and what is the alternative to classic fire suppression systems?  The only technology that can provide both fire suppression and rescue is airborne – the helicopter.

Recent studies have demonstrated that the helicopter is feasible for firefighting and rescue from High-Rise buildings – however, much more has to be done in order to prove this capability.

In this context,  and in conjunction with Dubai Helishow Tangent Link is hosting this unique conference for international fire brigades, civil & government helicopter operators, helicopter manufacturers and manufacturers of firefighting systems and solutions to discuss and debate this topical issue.

The conference will address the solutions, tactics, technologies and the systems already explored, and introduce new ideas to meet this gap in the fire protection field.

Participation Options

Participation in this event is available on two levels.


If your company would like a high-profile at this unique conference, including an opportunity to address the audience with a technical or operational paper, a limited number of Sponsorhship Options are available.

Delegate Attendance:

It is possible to attend this one-day conference as a member of the audience, and benefit from the information shared at this important forum as well as the networking opportunities afforded during refreshment breaks and lunch.


For further details please register your interest in this event with:

Alison Knapp

Head of Business Development

Tangent Link Ltd

Tel: +44 1628 550048

Email: aknapp@tangentlink.com

Tangent Link is proud to be in partnership with the organisers of Dubai HeliShow to bring a dedicated array of helicopter-related conferences to the UAE.

High-Rise Aerial Firefighting & Rescue

6th November 2012

The Grand Stand, Meydan Hotel, Meydan Racecourse,

Dubai, UAE

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