H.R. 2677 Los Angeles Noise Bill Update

H.R. 2677 Los Angeles Noise Bill Update

13-Jan-2012 Source: PHPA

Do you know that Helicopter Noise Legislation now pending in the United States House and Senate could drastically affect how you fly and where you fly in Los Angeles?

Do you know the effect this Legislation will have on your Aviation Business?

“The Los Angeles Residential Helicopter Noise Relief Act of 2011″, H.R. 2677 introduced by Rep. Howard Berman (North Hollywood-Sherman Oaks) in the House, and S.8739 introduced by Sen. Dianne Feinstein in the Senate would require the FAA to issue regulations, within one year at the earliest and three years at the latest, to restrict helicopter flight paths and set minimum altitudes over Los Angeles residential areas.

Don’t believe it can’t happen here. This legislation continues to gather support. The PHPA stands with the HAI in opposition to this overreaching Legislation.

 For more information and how you can voice your opposition please go to:


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