Bell to launch MxLink smartphone software at Heli-Expo?

Bell to launch MxLink smartphone software at Heli-Expo?

17-Jan-2012 Source:

Following our article on the potential Bell 525SMT yesterday, we are today exploring what Bell could be doing with the software trademark “MxLink”, which was applied for in summer 2011.  Described as

Computer software for use on portable computer devices, that includes biometric identification, used for interfacing, training, simulating, identifying and ordering parts, and tracking maintenance actions and repairs of flying vehicles, namely, aircraft, aft, helicopters and related structural parts.  Providing electronic transmissions of messages, graphics, and data for users by means of a global computer network and wireless devices.

this sounds to us in the office like a smartphone or tablet (read iPad) application to link into a central system (perhaps your operator’s maintenance software) from a remote location.  This could be used by pilots or maintenance engineers out in the field.

Let’s see what’s forthcoming at Heli-Expo in Dallas next month

William P Johnson – US correspondent

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